Sunday, October 12, 2014

What a day! What a week!

Today has been a rough day.  Kevin is in all kinds of pain, along with the tremors.  He called the pain specialist's office and they are in the process of moving to a new location so they did not leave an option for someone to be on call while they were away.  Luckily, the specialist gave Kevin his cell phone number.  Kevin never calls the cell number unless he he has no other choice.  So, Kevin called him and he told Kevin to call the surgeon, thinking the surgeon would tell Kevin to get to the hospital right away for #5 surgery.  EEK!!!  Now, keep in mind, Kevin still has not had the MRI.  He has been waiting for the imaging center to call to schedule the appointment.  So, Kevin called the surgeon.  The surgeon said he couldn't do anything until he sees an MRI.  Now to surgeon is going to call the pain specialist tomorrow and hopefully get back to us.  In the mean time, Kevin is in extreme pain and in quite a mood too.  Which I don't blame him for.  He also won't go to the Emergency Room until one of these doctor's tells him to.  Simply because he does not want to go and sit in a waiting room for hours just to get a little dose of pain medication that will only last the duration of his time in the Emergency Room, and then come home to more pain than he can handle.  It's happened before and we are not going down that road again.  Now we wait.  And wait.  Seems like that is all we do lately, wait.  ARG!  

Tomorrow my mother-in-law is going in for surgery.  Guess who will be taking her to the hospital....????  Not her sisters who live here.  Not her sister in law that lives around the corner from her.  Not her son Kevin because he can't drive.  Not her son Bryan because of other issues.  Not me, because I simply cannot miss any more work.  I am the only one working and even with that, it's still not enough to cover our living expenses.  So, missing is out of the question.  So, out of all of her grandchildren, Curtis will be taking her to the hospital at 6 a.m. and staying with her until they take her back, and then staying until she gets out of surgery too.  Can you believe that?  I am a little concerned about this whole thing.  BUT....between Kyle and Curtis, Curtis is the one that can handle it.  Curtis is the one that wanted to stay with Kevin at the hospital when he was there.  Kyle doesn't do well with hospitals.  He tends to freak out a little each time.  So, Curtis is a better option, even though I wish he didn't have to do this.  It's not fair to Curtis.  It's not fair to our family to expect us to do this when we all ready have so much going on.  Not to mention, my husband needs someone here with him.  What about that?  I am hoping Kyle comes home from Show Low early, that way Kevin will not be alone for very long.  I do not need him falling when no one is around to help him up, and I just flat out do not need him falling, period!!!  Much less get him to the hospital if the doctor calls and want to see him right away.  Am I stressed out?  You bet I am.  My life in a nut shell.  Stress should be my middle name.  

Let's talk about something else.  :)
As you know, my son is getting married soon and we are all working hard to get things ready for their big day.  The bride alone has been doing an amazing job at getting things ready.  That girl is good, and frugal too!  I love that.  All while she is working a crazy number of hours and getting ready to start to police academy.  The bride's Mom has been helping, I have been helping, my sister-in-law has been helping, and even cousins have been helping.  It's been great.  I cannot get over how well things are coming along in such a short amount of time.  We have 4 weeks until the wedding and we still have a lot to do, but the majority of the plans are taken care of, and I hope this is not costing an outrageous amount of money.  If I know my future daughter-in-law as well as I think I do, it will be done at a very low cost.  I told you she is frugal.  Not the kind of frugal that washes all the Ziploc bags to reuse them, but she shops around for the best price and if she doesn't find the price she is looking for we find another way to make things happen.  I like this about her.  She is a very smart, wonderful girl and we are thrilled to be able to include her in our family.  Not to mention that we are happy she likes to spend time with our son too.  

Danielle has started to date someone too.  I have to be careful about what I say here.  But, she likes this guy.  The fact that she has decided to date at all is a good thing.  Before she was all about finishing school and wanted nothing to do with dating.  (Or so she said.)  It's good to see her getting out there to meet some people and go out.  She needed this.  We are very proud of her for all that she does.

Curtis, know a little bit about Curtis.  He is getting ready for his mission.  Earning that money and trying to do all the other things he needs to get done too.  It's been a little crazy lately for him.  But it will all come together eventually.

Lexi goes back to school tomorrow.  She has been home for October break this past week.  I know, when I went to school we never had an October break.  They get a full week off.  Can you believe that?  So, Monday its back to school and back to getting to the volleyball practices, and mutual starts again.  It will be good for her.  She needs all of that.  It keeps her on her toes.  

Even though life is a little crazy for all of us around here, we still have so much to be grateful for.  We have a roof over our head, good food to eat, lights, running water, families that love us, friends that want to help, and an amazing ward and Bishop.  I use to think this ward was all ready doing all they could to help many families and they really couldn't handle one more on their list.  So, I tried to not bother them and get add to their stress.  Over the past couple of weeks I have learned that I was wrong and that these people are there willing and ready to help with anything we may need.  It is simply amazing and I am very grateful for their kind words, blessings, prayers, love, and support.  It means so much and I hope they know that.  The other day I got pretty down about some things and it was my ward family that pulled me out of it and helped me feel better about things.  I do appreciate them.

It's getting late and I need to get some things ready for the kids, Kevin, and myself before I go to bed for the night.  Tomorrow is a busy day.  I just hope all goes well for my mother-in-law and I hope all goes well for Kevin too, with no falls.   Have a good night.  

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