Wednesday, October 22, 2014

To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn.

1. Elizabeth Lawrence is quoted as saying, "Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn."  So have you done just that?  And what did you leave undone in order to do so? I have not!!  There's been little time for sitting except for evening and I'm afraid I can't see the leaves turn at that time of day. -chuckle- Between all the "patients" in my life, having a son preparing for a mission, another son thinking about getting married, and a daughter in school and all of her activities I've not sat around much.  
But, perhaps I will get to it in the not so far off future and while it is VERY hard for me to leave anything undone, perhaps I should give it a try.  My mother-in-law says, "the work will be there when you get to it."  Yea, that's what I'm afraid of.  -smile-

2. Since we're talking turning....what's one thing you feel you're doing "every time you turn around"?  

This sounds crazy, but it seems like I am getting in and out of my car a lot!  Really!!!  No joke!  -laugh-  Sometimes I think I spend more time in my car than anywhere else!  Kevin cannot drive right now.  My two boys drive, but they are not always home.  I do a lot of driving.  Sometimes I find myself driving from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. or later.  It's crazy!  (Of course I do not drive while I am at work each day.)  Just before and after.  -smile-smile-smile-

3. How hard is it for you to "turn the other cheek"?
I never thought I would say this, but it has gotten easier the older I've gotten and I was raised to believe that this is just what you do.  I have never known my parents to hold a grudge against anyone, and I like that example in my life.  Now that does not mean that they are push overs.  Not at all!!  I believe that you can touch a person's heart a lot more, by turning the other cheek, than trying to "get even".

4. When did you last turn a drawer, your car, a room, or your entire house upside down looking for something?  Did you find it?

It's been a standing joke in our family that I always think someone has thrown out whatever it is that I am on the hunt for.  It seems like the only things that have turned up missing lately have been my things.  I can never find anything I need lately.  From shoes, to socks, to certain articles of clothing.  They seems to have sprouted legs and feet and walked away from "their spot".  I don't know what has happened around here because I use to be able to find anything.  In fact, I remember days when Kevin would go on these hunts for socks and would never find them.  He would look and look and then I would come in and find the article in seconds.  It use to drive him nuts!  The last time I looked for an article of clothing it was for one of my shrug like jackets.  I couldn't find it anywhere.  Come to find out, after talking to my oldest daughter, it was at the bottom of the laundry bin.  YEAH!!!!  I was so happy I found it! 

5. "One good turn deserves another".....were you most recently on the giving or receiving end of that sentiment?  
I have been on the receiving end of that many times lately, but last week I was given the privilege to be on the giving end.  I got to bear my testimony to a non-member a little bit.  That was very exciting!!!  AND!!!!  Well, let me back up a bit here........My mother-in-law has done A LOT for us over the years.  Seriously!   A lot, and we have NEVER been able to totally repay her for a lot of it.  Over the past couple of weeks we have been able to do something for her that no-one else could.  We have taken care of her home and her animals while she has been away and in the hospital.  We have also been her point of contact while she has been in the hospital and helped with everything at the hospital.  In fact, Kevin was the one that got the doctor's to change her medications when they were having some crazy effects on her.  It hasn't been easy to add all of this to our all ready wild and crazy lives.  BUT, it has been nice to be able to give back a little bit.  I know we will NEVER be able to repay all that she has done for us.  BUT......we have a little and that means a lot to us.  

6. Red, yellow, and orange are the colors of fall.  Also the colors of fruit.  If you were permitted only one color of fruit in your diet, which would you choose?  This question isn't as easy as it sounds, at least not for me.

Oh, it's very easy for me because I am NOT a big fruit lover.  I do enjoy an apple every once in  a while (I love those honey crisp apples!!!), so I will have to go with red and the rest of you can have all the yellow and orange fruit you like.  -not for me-

7.  The Hunt for Red October, October Sky, Halloween.....which "October" film is your favorite?

October Baby.....I have watched this on Netflix and it is a very moving story about a young girl that finds out she has been adopted after her birth Mom had a failed abortion.  It is a faith based movie and well worth watching.

8. Insert your own random thought here...

Last night we got a call from my mother-in-law.  She wanted Curtis to come stay with her.  Now remember she is in an extended care facility and there really isn't a place for Curtis to sleep if he did go down there.  Plus it was 
10:30 p.m. and kind of late.  Kevin was all ready to jump in the car and run down there.  I had to stop him because he can't "JUMP" anywhere right now...even if he wanted to.  He wasn't thinking of his own health, which I can understand.  After all, this is his mother we are talking about.  It made Kevin mad, but I had to stop him and get him to call her first.  When he called her cell phone she wasn't answering and it freaked him out a little.  After about what seemed like about 20 minutes of pushing him back into his own bed, I finally convinced him to call the facility.  It took some time, but he finally got through to the nurse who was watching over his mother.  She went into the room and talked to her.  She had forgot that she was not at home and that was the reason she wanted Curtis to come over.  I told Kevin to give them a chance, and let them talk to her, and then if you still do not get through to your mother, then make the trip down to the facility.  It was all I could do to get him to stop and call, and he was as mad as a hornet at me for telling him NOT to just run up there.  He said all kinds of things to me.  Things like, "we will see how you handle things when this is your parents in the situation".  Really????  All I was trying to do was to get him to be a bit concerned with his own health before he tries to run down there every time she calls.  I totally get that she was not in a good place the last time he saw her, and I would be the last person to stop him from seeing his mother.  As if I ever could if I wanted to?  AND, this is his mother!  Why would I ever try???  Sometimes I think he thinks I am some mean horrible person.  Does he even know who I really am?  Sure there are times when my MIL has drove me completely insane!  BUT, I would never try to tell my husband to NOT go see his mother.  He forgets when there were those times when the two of them were arguing and she was at our home dropping Christmas gifts on our front lawn and he had stated he was done with this, that it was ME that pushed for him to let it go and call his mother.  Sheesh!!  Sometimes my husband forgets.  I can overlook that.  Now, do you get a sense for where I am coming from?   Back to the here and now.....Kevin did finally talk to his mother around 11:30 p.m.  She was fine.  She just forgot where she was.  I can understand that.  She is in a room that is dark with a roommate that does not speak English.  The TV she should be able to use is linked to the TV of the roommate, so it is set to Spanish channels all day long.  So, no wonder my MIL is discombobulated!  I would be too.  Thankfully the facility changed her medications today and she is doing much better.  The old Vera is back!  Thank goodness.  So, Kevin and I are breathing a sigh of relief!  She got a visit from our Bishop today too!  That man is something, let me tell you!!!  He works at an extended care facility.  He was able to go down there and get her to finally get up!!!!  Can you hear the hallelujah chorus being sung now??? WE SURE CAN!!!!   (If you haven't heard the Hallelujah Chorus, listen to this from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir)

 That man!  That instrument in the Lord's hands!  We are so very grateful he is our Bishop!  Kevin and I were talking tonight again.  He just "hits the nail on the head" every time!  He truly knows how to heed the promptings of the Holy Ghost and that is something wonderful to see.  He just quietly and calmly goes about the Lord's work in a simple and direct fashion.  We cannot tell you how amazing it is!  I just hope that he knows what a blessing he has been!  AND I hope his family understands how grateful we are that they allow this man to serve and do what the Lord wants him to do.  Now that being said, He is ONE man.  He cannot do EVERYTHING and be EVERYWHERE.  It simply is not possible for one man to meet all the needs of over 400 people (or more) in our ward.  So, if we love our Bishop and want to help him.  We need to do everything we can to lighten his load.  That means we need to do what he asks us to do.  Sure, it's not always easy.  I am not good at this.  I can do better.  I need to do better.  That is how we can show our love and appreciation to our Heavenly Father, our Bishop, and to our Bishop's family.  It's time we do that.  Just sayin.  -smile-

We had Lexi in to see the hand specialist again today.  If you recall, she has a ganglion cyst inside the carpal tunnel.  Curtis took Kevin and Lexi to the appointment.  Kevin was not impressed with the doctor.  He was kind of rude and a little out of line.  So, we will be looking for a pediatric orthopedic surgeon to see next time.  The specialist they saw today gave Lexi a cortisone shot in her hand.  Hopefully that will reduce the cyst and she will be able to get back to her volleyball activities.  She is dying to play again!!!  

Kyle went with Morgan to the Phoenix Temple open house today.  I can't wait to hear all about it!  One of my co-workers told me a new Mormon Temple was built in her neighborhood and her daughter was going to go see it today.  I told this co-worker she should go see it too since this will be the only time she might be able to see it, unless she joins my church and goes through the temple for herself.  Hint, Hint!!!  -smile-smile-smile-  She said she might go.  I hope she does go.  There is nothing quite like seeing a temple and I am certain she will NEVER forget it.  I was reading another person's blog on one of my breaks at work the other day.  This person had recently visited New York for the first time and went to see St Patrick's Cathedral.  She said they were having Mass on Sunday and it was very noisy.  People from the streets had come in and were walking all over the place, taking pictures because the building is just amazing to see, and there was construction on the building being done during their services.  This was very odd to this person because this would NEVER happen in an LDS Sunday Service.  Sure, it can get a little loud when you hear little children, but nothing quite like this woman described.  I was a little shocked that this was what the norm was at St. Patrick's.  I know that anyone visiting a Mormon Temple will have a much different experience than those people visiting St. Patrick's.  I know this because even before the Temple is dedicated it is treated with reverence and respect because this is a Holy place.  A place where the Lord himself will come to visit.  Therefore a very special place that deserves reverence, respect, and care.  Sure, we are very excited to have another Temple in our state, and we are very excited for the world to see it.  What a wonderful place and what a wonderful way to welcome the members of our community and share our faith.  This temple will be a blessing to all that visit it's grounds.  It is that simple!  

Curtis has been getting ready to turn in his mission papers.  We are checking off all the boxes on his little check list.  It's great!!  We are getting closer and closer. Yeah!  Having him here to help around the house and with Kevin has been a blessing.  Sure we need him to get out there and serve, but he is going to be missed.  He has gone above and beyond by helping with the animals at his Grandma's house, helping her while she was in the hospital, now helping her while she is in the extended care facility, and with my husband.  He is a trooper!  I can honestly say, I do not know how we would have gotten through all of this without him.  He is wonderful and we really appreciate all he does for us.  He is going to make a wonderful missionary and I know the people he serves will feel the same way we do.  They will not want to see him leave because he has been such a blessing in their lives too.  I cannot wait to have another full-time missionary in the family.  Sure, it's a sacrifice to let him go, BUT...we know where the Lord wants this young man to be.  Besides, I want him to get his 4000 hours of training.  A general authority came to speak to the youth of our stake a few years back and basically said this is what a mission does for these young men who serve.  They get about 4000 hours of on the job training.  Extensive spiritual on the job training and who wouldn't want that for their son or daughter who have decided to serve???  I for one want that for Curtis!!!  Plus, who am I to go against what his Heavenly Father wants Curtis to do?  I cannot go against that and I would never try to.  A mission is exactly where the Lord wants Curtis and a mission is exactly where he will be.  

Danielle stopped by tonight.  She came to walk her dog.  That dog has been on my last nerve lately.  He has eaten 4 pairs of my shoes.  2 pairs of Kyle's shoes, and 2 pairs of Lexi's shoes.  Now, we do not have that many pairs of shoes for this dog to go around eating them all.  In fact, poor Lexi had been wearing a pair of her older sister's church shoes until Danielle took them when she moved out.  So she is in desperate need to new shoes.  Now we are not the Rockefeller's.  HA! HA!  I can't go around replacing 8 pairs of shoes all the time.  Not good!  Thank goodness the dog got a super long walk tonight.  I thought once he was fixed he would start to calm down a little.  Apparently not!  He is all over the place lately and into all kinds of things.  That crazy dog!!!  

We have a huge visit with our attorney's on Friday.  Kevin is stressed and worried about it.  It's a deposition in down town Phoenix.  Which should be interesting since Kevin cannot be upright for too long without a lot of pain involved.  He plans to try and NOT take his pain meds that day, which means YIKES!!!  Like I said, downtown Phoenix, during rush hour traffic, and Kevin in pain.  Just shoot me now!  Oh my goodness!!!  I do not know how this is going to work.  I am scared and nervous at the same time.  I think I should find a place to stay for that night because he is going to be in all kinds of pain and could pop off with just about anything.  Not a good thing.  LOL!  I have to laugh to keep myself from crying you see.  -smile-

Life is crazy!  Life is full of adventure!  AND Life is good!  Yes, believe it or not, we still consider ourselves to be very blessed.  We are being tested and tried, sure.  BUT, we are blessed because we have each other, we have the gospel in our lives, we have the Priesthood in our home, and we have a Heavenly Father who watches over us and has NEVER left us alone.  WE ARE VERY BLESSED.  What more could we ask for?  After all, the Lord never promised us that this life would be easy.  He only promised that it would be worth it.  It is that promise that we are clinging to and desire most!  Have a good night.  I hope this post helps you or someone you know in some way too.  Take care and we will talk to you soon.

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