Saturday, October 25, 2014

Simply Amazing!

Kevin had an MRI today.  I know, who has an MRI on a Saturday?  Apparently my husband does.  After yesterday I'm surprised he even attempted to try.  He was toast after our 2 hour deposition with the attorneys yesterday.  Last night we hurried down to see my Mother-in-law at the extended care facility because we couldn't get a hold of her.  When we got there her cell phone was completely dead and unplugged from the wall.  She gave me this wild story about this orderly coming in to have extra marital relations with her neighbor and when she threatened to call the police he came over and unplugged her phone from the wall.  Mind you, the phone was sitting right next to her.  So, if that was the case, wouldn't he take it away from her too?  I think the medications are really having an affect on her.  Sheesh!  Then she proceeded to tell me the same story she told Kevin the other day about my BIL and SIL from Utah coming in for a visit.  Now, we know they have not been in town because they had a big surprise birthday party for my BIL planned that we couldn't get to.  Hopefully he had a good birthday.  I wish we could have been there.

Since Kevin couldn't even get up off the table after his MRI today, he wasn't going to be able to make it down to visit my MIL.  Curtis has really been a trooper helping out with her animals and frankly needed a break himself.  Kyle was out on a date with his girlfriend, so Lexi and I were the only ones.  We went down to the facility and she was sleeping.  We didn't wake her up, but guess what was unplugged again?  The cell phone.  This time she had it shoved in the drawer next to her bed.  It's like she doesn't want us to be able to get a hold of her.  I get the impression she wants us to drop everything we are doing and run down there to see her whenever we can't get a hold of her.  Which can't happen.  Kevin has his own health to be concerned with right now.  BUT,....that is exactly what he does.  Any time she does not answer he insists on getting up there.  Frankly, I think these little stories are a little bit made up too.  Because she made it a point to tell me.  If these stories were not so made up, why is that she can remember telling them to Kevin the last time he was there?  I would think you would tell everyone all about them because you couldn't remember who you told them to or telling them in the first place, for that matter.  I am beginning to believe she wants to be there.  That she wants to stay.  Why on earth would any one WANT to be in a place like that?  I don't get it!  Something is not right about that.   Do you understand why I get frustrated with this whole situation?  I don't understand just wanting to give up on life.  Shoot!  Because of all of this my life surely is not a bed of roses.  In fact, I would say mine is pretty much crap, but you don't see me trying to give up.  Sure there are days when I wonder what the heck and get incredibly frustrated.  BUT, I never give up.  NEVER!  How does someone get to that point?  I just do not understand that when you have so much to live for?  She has a large family with lots and lots of grandchildren.  She should be enjoying this time in her life and spending time with all of these grand kids and great-grand kids.  Why?  It makes me nuts just thinking about it.  I've got to change the subject OR something.   

Tomorrow is another day.  Kevin wants to try and make it to sacrament, so we will make sure that happens.  I'm glad he wants to go.  That means a lot to me.  I love it when we can all go and sit together.  I miss us all sitting in sacrament together.  

It's getting late and I need to get to bed.  Sorry to be such a "Debbie-Downer" today.  I just had to get that off my chest.  Something will give and things will change.  I know that.  Try and have a great day tomorrow.  Take care and I will talk to you soon.
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