Saturday, October 11, 2014

It's all about the numbers

(this post was started Yesterday....another two day post.)
I am so glad it's the weekend!  You have no idea what a crazy work week this has been.  We are a small team of 8 employees and a manager and a team supervisor.  So, when we have people out, it really makes a difference.  This past Wednesday we had folks out on vacation.  One person has a daughter getting married, the other is traveling to see family across the country, and the other person is leaving the country to go see some friends in Europe for a while.  Pretty exciting stuff, right??!!  Then on Thursday the same three people were out and someone went home sick too.  So, we were cut in half and left doing the work of 9 people.  Out team supervisor was out too.  He went to Hawaii.  Also exciting stuff!  So, it's been busy at work.  Which means we all go home pretty drained and by Friday we are exhausted.   But we made it!  Thank goodness. ( AND...our boss surprised us all with lunch yesterday too.  Pretty nice, right?  She didn't have to do that.  But we certainly appreciate it.)
I came home hoping to get to bed early, but apparently that is not happening.  I can't seem to fall alseep.  So, I could potentially sleep all day tomorrow if given the chance.  LOL!  No, I don't plan on it.  Would I like sleeping all day?  Of course I would.  But that isn't going to happen.  I have too much to do tomorrow.  

Kevin still has not heard from the imaging center or the doctor's office to schedule his MRI.  I'm not sure if it's because the doctor's office is closed for a week or if it's the insurance company dragging their feet to authorize it.  Either way, Kevin is about at wits end.  On top of his tremors, he is in a lot of pain.  He said before the doctor started the process to up his medication that his pain levels were right at a 9.  (You know on the pain scale any medical person will ask you about.  0 being the absolute least amount of pain, and 10 being the kind of pain you would feel if your arm was being ripped off your body)  A 9 is not a number we have EVER seen except right after surgery when Kevin was in recovery.  9 is not good!  9 is lets get Kevin to the hospital quick for pain control.  8 becomes the place Kevin starts to get sick to his stomach because the pain is so bad.  I do not like this.  This is not a place I like to see my husband get to.  It's hard to watch.  It's hard to talk to him without him snapping at you.  Not because he is mad at us, but because he is hurting so much.  So, we need to figure out what is causing all this pain and quick.  

I spend a lot of time on a computer at work, with two large monitors.  So, eye strain is something I deal with on a regular basis.  And when I don't wear my glasses, it's a wonder that I can even keep my eyes open to drive home by Friday.  I am struggling with the eye strain right now as I type.  That means, there could random words in places they don't belong.  Or letters where they don't belong.  What can I say, I need to go to bed.  If only I could.  

In an effort to speed things along and condense this post, I decide to sum my life up in numbers.  After all, pretty much all of my life can be summed up in some numerical way on so many different levels.  Let's check out the numbers..
  So, here goes...

Now on with the numbers-

3-number of states I've lived in

5-number of cities I've lived in

1-number of countries I've lived in

1-number of miles from my closest family member

4-number of siblings I have

16-number of years older I am than my youngest sibling

6-number of years younger I am 

than my oldest sibling

4-number of children I have

2 1/2-number of years I dated my husband before we tied

 the knot

27-number of years the knot has been tied

3-number of current magazine subscriptions

21-number of cars I've owned

28,000-population of the town I grew up in

457,500-population of the town I live in

9-number of different paying jobs I've had

26-number of years younger than my mom

32-number of years older than my youngest child

0-number of songs on my iPod

1-number of houses I've owned

400-number of blog posts published as of now

319-number of days I am younger than my husband

10 PM-number on the clock at my normal bedtime

0-number of items completed on my 101 in 1001 list.  I still

 need  to create a list

29-number of years since my high school graduation

16-number of programs currently sitting in my DVR

1-number of times I've read the Bible from beginning to end

34-number of first cousins

457-number of photos in my iPhone camera roll

28-number of days until I become a mother-in-law

10-number of miles between home and college

3-number of books I've read so far this year

0!!!!-number of coffees in a day

4-number of pets I've owned

7-number of states I've visited

2-number of countries I've visited

0-number in miles I've traveled this year 

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