Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Mission!!!

Holy Crap!!!  Curtis will have three weeks to get his physical, dental work, and other forms done, and then turn in his mission papers.  OH MY GOODNESS!  Three weeks.  Talk about changing gears.  What a difference a weekend can make!  I went for a ride to the ATM today with Danielle and Curtis called me as he was leaving the Stake President's Office.  I nearly had a panic attack!  I was having trouble breathing and everything.  Can you say Hyperventilate?  WOW!  This is a good thing.  (Calm down Mom!) But this is also a, how are we going to do this?, kind of thing too.  Everyone seems to think we can do this.  So, we are going to try and figure it all out.  Wish us luck.  I can't wait to have another missionary in our family, and Curtis is raring to go.  Exciting times! 

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