Friday, September 19, 2014


KEVIN UPDATE:  Today I need to correct something I said the other day about Kevin's physical therapy.  When we were in the doctor's office he said we will get you going with a little light massage and heat.  When Kevin got to therapy it turns out they have him doing a little work out.  I called him from work the other day and asked him how it went and I thought he said, "they have me on crutches".  But what he really said was, "they have me doing crunches".  It's killing him.  He is in constant pain.  He pain specialist told him to NOT let them work you too hard and to speak up if they have you doing too much.  So, Kevin is going to need to speak up more next week.  I seriously thought they were going to do exactly what the doctor suggested and not put him through anything too intense yet.  So, maybe the therapist didn't read the request???  Who knows.  He has been in bed pretty much since his early therapy appointment yesterday.  He has a sharp pain in the middle of his back.  We so hope this therapy will help Kevin regain his strength and we are hopeful that he will be able to get rid of the walker.

WEDDING UPDATE:  The wedding date has been changed a little.  Instead of November 1st, it's going to be on November 8th.  That way we don't have any issues with Halloween the day before.  The bride and groom are checking out a few possible venues, but I think the reception will end up at someones home in their backyard.  Things are coming together quite nicely.  The bride has a dress.  The groom just picked up a new suit.  Kevin and Curtis have suits.  We have a florist.  I think they have a baker for the cake.  Food is being planned.  Invitations are in the works, after the engagement photos are taken on Monday.  We have a photographer.  The DJ is somewhat planned.  We have colors.  There is a plan for decorations.  Lexi, Danielle, and I need dresses.  So, they are just about there.  It is so amazing to me just how quickly things can come together for something like this.  It's great!  Yesterday the bride and groom took a selfie while they were in Walgreen's and posted the photo of them and the engagement ring on Facebook.  So now everyone thinks Kyle proposed in Walgreen's.  WRONG!  That is not where he did it.  I think it's funny that everyone thinks that though.  :)  Here is the photo.

Can you see the Walgreen's sign back behind them???

TOMORROW:  Curtis and I are on a mission to visit this candy store he just has to get to.  He is in search of a certain kind of candy and he won't stop until he finds it.  We have talked about this for two days now.  Curtis has been on their website several times reviewing the list of candies the store carries.  He cracks me up.  I've wanted to go to this store for a LONG time now, I just couldn't find the time to make the trip.  The name of the store is Sweeties in Chandler.  It's located at Chandler Boulevard and Alma School.  Shoot!  I remember when Kevin and Kyle use to work over in that area.  We must have passed it several times and just didn't realize it.  Who knew?  

VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT:  Even though Lexi is not playing Volleyball for Mesa High this year due to an injury, she still has to work the tournament.  I love Coach Strawn!  She is a tough coach, no doubt about it.  BUT, she is making sure Lexi remains involved with Volleyball and I appreciate that.  It's been hard for Lexi.  She REALLY wants to play and at first the girls really didn't talk to her much.  So Lexi was a little hurt.  It bothered her so much she would call me for a ride and then start walking home.  Not safe for a girl her age, if you ask me.  I had to beg her to stay at the school until I got there, simply for her own safety.  It was hard for her to be around the girls talking about playing and not being a part of it.  She loves that sport and I love that she enjoys it too.  Lexi has an appointment with the hand surgeon next week, so we will know more about where Lexi is then.  We will let you all know.

ME:  I plan to sleep in for a very long time tomorrow.  I am worn out and need a nap.  This past few days I never got to bed before midnight.  I just couldn't sleep.  Believe me, I tried but it just wouldn't happen.  So, I need to get back some of the sleep I missed out on.  So, I may not get up until after 3 or 4 p.m.  LOL!!!  I doubt I can sleep that long, besides I have things to do around the house.  Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.  Fun Fun!  We have Stake Conference this weekend and I plan to attend.  I've heard a few "rumors" and frankly, I want to hear whatever it is right from the members of our stake, not from someone else.  I have come down with this cold everyone else in our house has....except Kevin, so far.  So, I say this if all goes well, I plan to go.    :)  


These are some wedding flowers I did for a family friend who got married today.  I hope the bride and groom are very happy.  I didn't get to see the bride and groom together too much, but they were very cute together.  I wish them both the best.  Congratulations to them both.  
It's been a busy week and I need to get some sleep.  Take care and we will talk to you soon.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  
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