Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This is awesome!!

All I can say is WOW!!!  What a difference a few short weeks can make.  I have really good news to share, but I can't do it right now.  So much more to come on that very soon, I promise!  Just know we are super excited!!!

Kevin had his first physical therapy appointment Monday.  They did very light massage and ice with a few checks on how he gets out of bed and so forth.  (Not even what you or I would call a work out, right??). He text me after and said, "Now I know my threshold for pain."  He has 10 weeks of therapy to go, with two visits a week.  A lot can happen in those 10 weeks.  We are hopeful Kevin will at least get away from using his walker and move to at least a cane.  I really want to see Kevin without anything, but we will be grateful for any and all improvement.  Anything is better than spending most of you time laying flat in bed all day.  I did see a little bit of feisty, say it like he sees it Kevin, when I got home for work yesterday.  He was not nice!  But I know he was in pain and hurting.  No, I didn't deserve that.  No, he didn't mean it.  This is when his recovery gets really difficult for everyone.  Kevin especially.  We just need to keep that perspective as we get through this.  It's not easy and we all get frustrated through all of this.  We do know all of this will be worth it.  And I cannot wait to see how The Lord takes this weakness and makes something strong out of it.  We have seen some of this all ready.  What a blessing it is to see.  

Something is going on with me.  I keep breaking out in various random areas of my body.  When I showed a friend a work yesterday, she immediately said, "You have hives!"  So I started the antibiotic the doctor gave me the last time this happened.  As soon as I took it yesterday the swelling and pain went down.  Then this afternoon my toes are swollen, and I haven't missed a dose.  What the heck is happening.  Am I stressed out and this is how it has presented itself?  Have I been bit by Miskitos?  Do I have some allergy to goose down feathers?  Who knows???? (The dog got a hold of one of my couch cushions and now we keep finding feathers everywhere).  I need new furniture!  

The other day I was in Walmart with Kyle at about 1:30 a.m. looking at some electronics he wanted to get, when this lady came up to me.  She barely spoke any English so the conversation was a struggle.  Remember, this is at 1:30 a.m. In the morning.  She wanted to give me this slip of paper showing various services that she offered.  The list being all things through some independent group, but she was offering Nutra Systems, and the other two services I can't even remember what they are.  I have to say, I was not at all comfortable with being approached by a complete stranger asking me questions and if I wanted to join.  Besides, does this mean she thinks I need to lose a few pounds?  I know I do. But, now I REALLY know I do since she approached me.  I was mortified and hurt!!!!  I would never think of walking up to someone and asking all kinds of personal questions like that, much less at 1:30 in the morning!!!  How Rude!!!  LOL!!!!

It's day two of trying to get this blog post out.  What use to take me minutes to get together now takes me days.  It's because life has gotten a little crazy these days.  It's just the way it's gotta be with all that is going on.  In fact today, Kevin fell in our kitchen while I was at work.  Luckily Kyle was home to pick him up and carry him back to bed.  Yes, he was even using his walker.  Hie got this shooting pain in his leg and down he went.  He has physical therapy tomorrow so they will evaluate him and get him in to see the surgeon right away if they feel he needs it.  Yikes!!  We need to figure this falling thing out.  He can't do this or he could end up with permanent damage.  (I'm trying really hard not to throw one of those "why" questions in right now)  I want answers.  I need answers.  I need my husband back!  But I know as soon as I start questioning and stop having faith all will go wrong.  I know this because we have been there before. I know this to be true.  I know this because of that still small voice that whispers truth to me so softly and so reverently to me.  I know I don't want that peaceful, comforting feeling to go away.  Faith is an amazing action word, isn't it?  Nothing passive about having faith.  It's a call to go and do.   I have this quote in my master bathroom from John Bytheway that reads, "Nephi said, I will go and do. Not sit and stew."  ( I keep it in MY bathroom as a reminder to myself because I know myself well enough to know I have a tendency to do more stewing than doing and that's not good.)  That in a nutshell sums up exactly what I need to do.  That is how I will keep the faith and not give fear a chance to come around.  Fear being my arch nemacist, of course. 

It's getting late and I have to up at 4:40 a.m.  My day starts early for sure, but it could be earlier.  Ugh!  I am grateful it does not.  Here is wishing you all a absolutely glorious rest of the week.  Take care and do something spontaneous to help another person tomorrow.  Maybe even someone you don't know.  Who knows what that will do to not only brighten that persons day, but yours as well.  Enjoy your day.  Take care and I will talk to you soon.  

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