Thursday, September 18, 2014


This was a photo taken of me right after High School while I was waiting for Kevin, who was serving a mission in Oakland, California.  The suit was something I bought myself and I loved it.  I remember many job interviews had while wearing this suit.  I miss that suit!  :). Oh the memories!  

As promised, I told you I had some news to share.  Well here it son Kyle got engaged today to a wonderful girl.  We are thrilled to include Morgan into our family.  Here is a photo of the two of them.
The two are planning a November 1st, 2014 wedding.  That's right only 6 weeks away.  The reason for the quick wedding is because the bride starts the police academy on Oct. 27th.  The bride won't be available for pretty much the next 9 months and no Bishop will allow the couple to wait the 9 months before getting married.  They just need to do it.  So,  we all will be super busy over the next few weeks.  The good thing about a temple wedding and an LDS wedding is that we could probably get a reception planned and decorated for less than $60.00.  Ha Ha!!!  That's the standing joke around our house lately.  Again, we are thrilled!  We love Morgan and we know she is the right girl.  She just fits perfectly!  More to come as the plans progress.  

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