Monday, September 29, 2014

Sunday, Sunday

Another great day!  No, we didn't get to see more rain, but the weather was cooler, which is always wonderful!  Kevin and I made it to the first part of Sacrament Meeting today.  Yep, I can't believe it!  You see, Kevin was has been having trouble with these tremors.  I call them tremors because we really don't know what they are yet.  His legs and body just shake sometimes.  So, we of course called the doctor.  The doctor is in the process of going through the approvals process to have a CT Scan done.  Then Kevin sees the surgeon again this week.  Kevin has been falling too.  So, we are not sure what is causing all of this.  This all started about the time his physical therapist had Kevin working out a little too much, I would say.  Kevin is beside himself thinking this is going to lead to surgery #5.  His spirits have been a little low.  I guess that is why I was shocked that he flat out insisted on going to Sacrament Meeting today.  I didn't want to take him for fear we would be picking him up off the ground or hard floor at some point along the way.  Thankfully that didn't happen.  He got stuck one time on our way out the door after he took the sacrament, but once I helped him with that, all was well.  Thank goodness!  

I have to say, it was really nice to sit with all of us in Sacrament Meeting again.  It felt like old times.  Even if it was for a very short time.  It's funny how we take so much for granted throughout life.  I know I am guilty of doing that.  I try not to think about it too much.  If I do I could start balling like a baby and we can't have that.   Especially since I am lying here next to Kevin, and I just got done telling him to, Be strong!"  "You will get through this and everything is going to be all right."  Did those words really come out of my mouth.  Sometime my mouth has a mind of it's own and just does not realize what it is saying.  LOL!  But seriously.  How could I say that?  Okay, okay!  I have to snap out of this.  DOUBT is not an option!  Not for this family.  Not now!  Be strong, Sondra.  Be strong!  You cannot let fear in.  I can do this!  I can.  I know I can.  :)

Let's talk about something else.  As you know, my oldest son traveled to New Mexico this weekend to compete in the USA National Weight Lifting Competition.  He did well.  He didn't medal or anything, but for this being his first National Competition, he did Okay!  It was a good experience for him, and we are sure he will have others just like this.  Here is a photo of him doing one of his lifts.

We missed most of his competition because we were in Sacrament Meeting.  This photo was something Kyle's fiance got from this mornings competitions.  We barely got to see him in his last Clean and Jerk lift by the time we finally got logged into the Team USA website.  We are so proud of our son for chasing his dreams.  Even if he NEVER makes it to an Olympic podium or if he decided to quit tomorrow, we are VERY PROUD of him!  He is pretty awesome!  We admire his determination to pursue his goals.  Go Kyle! He is an awesome young man!  

We have 4 wonderful children.  Danielle may NEVER stop going to school.  Even after she receives her PhD.  I think she just loves the whole idea of education.  I tease her.  She says she is going to keep going to school until she gets her Masters.  I keep telling her, why quit there.  Just go all the way and get the PhD.  Why not?  She get so mad at me when I say that.  :)  Mom's gotta have a little fun, right?

Curtis has a busy week this week.  He sees the dentist Tuesday night.  Look out!  This is just to get the ball rolling so he can get into the oral surgeon.  He needs his wisdom teeth removed.  So does Danielle.  Shoot!  We could all use a little visit to the dentist.   Some of us just for a cleaning and a check up.  Others for more fun stuff like wisdom teeth and root canals.  EEK!  

Next it will be off to the regular doctor for his physical and shots!  shots!  shots!  (don't tell Curtis.  He doesn't know much about the whole shot thing yet.)  I have to say, I have never seen a young man more excited to go on a mission.  It's funny.  Curtis was always my kiddo that was trying to get outside and have the adventure.  Life has always been one big adventure for Curtis.  Now he is preparing for a great big adventure.  :)  This will be great!  I can't wait for his adventure to begin.  His mission.  He can hardly stand the wait.  

It's late and 4:30 a.m. comes early.  Time for me to get some sleep.  Have a great week.  
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