Saturday, September 20, 2014

Any Given Day....

Outside my is appearing to be a beautiful, rather warm day.  but I am hoping we will get some rain again soon.  I LOVE the rain!

I am thinking...this wedding is going to turn out very nice.  It's all very exciting watching as the plans are made and things come together.  I love this stuff, but I am trying to remember that this is not MY wedding, or even MY daughter getting married.  It's my Son getting married.  I certainly do not want to step on any one's toes, especially the brides or the brides family.  Sure I want to help with anything and everything if they want me to.  I am just very excited for both the Bride and the Groom!  6 weeks to pull it all together is quick.  Everyone is busy.  Everyone is running.  But it's a good kind of busy.  :)

I am thankful...for all the trials we have been through as a family.  I believe our trials have not only shaped Kevin and I but also our children.  I do not have children that demand anything.  In fact, I have children that work well together when it counts.  Sure they all have their moments, but when it counts they are there for each other and us and I LOVE that!  

In the kitchen...I've been a busy gal lately, so not much has been happening in the kitchen.  In fact, I've been meaning to make Baked Potatoes for dinner one night but haven't been able to get home and get them in the over at a decent hour lately.  I think I fell asleep as soon as I stepping through the door on Monday and Tuesday....and possibly Wednesday too.  Working and keeping up with all the kids and the house has worn me out.  Not tho mention that I haven't gone to bed until after midnight each night.  Crazy!  I need to get busy.  This fast food the kids buy is not gonna help me continue to lose weight.  I need to do more home cooking.  I need some good low fat and no fat recipes.  So if you have any that you love and are willing to share, please do.  I would love some ideas.

I am wearing......a simple t-shirt and my black pajama bottoms.  This has become my favorite outfit to wear around the house.  NO, I never go out in public in this.  In fact, I may step out front in this, but not very often.  I am planning on wearing a nice (hopefully teal color) dress to the wedding.  I need to get busy looking for something to wear.  Shopping online has made it so much easier to find things.  I love that!

I am creating...well, not sure I'm creating just yet, but the ideas are flowing.  Morgan (Kyle's fiance) wants an all white wedding bouquet in fresh flowers.  Which is VERY traditional.  So I have been searching the Internet for ideas.  I need to get with the bride and decide on flowers and get them ordered.  I am excited to use fresh flowers again.  Most of the other bouquets I have done have been in silk, so this will be a nice change.  These are some of the bouquets I found photos of.....

I am looking forward to going to the wholesale flower shop and picking out flowers.  This will be fun.  


I am take it easy this weekend.  I have a cold and I want to get better before work on Monday.

I am it can only be 90+ days until Christmas.  My goodness, that's crazy!  Not that I will start shopping now.  I should, but that NEVER happens.  I am always a last minute shopper.  Some day I will be able to shop earlier.  Probably when the kids are all grown up and have their own families.  Funny how that happens.  

I am reading...nothing I should, or even anything really good lately.  With all the reading I do at work, and everything going on in our personal life, I just can't find the time to read a good book lately.  I wish I had the time.  

I am hoping...that fall is just around the corner.  We had a little taste of fall when we received all that rain about two weeks ago.  When the rain finally settled it was dark and nice and cool around here.  I simply cannot wait for the weather to cool off around here!  I think that is why I love fall so much.  

I am looking forward to......this wedding!  Of course I am.  I am excited for my son and his fiance.  You know from the moment I met Morgan I just knew she would become a part of our family.  She just fits.  She is a wonderful young lady and we are thrilled she wants to marry our son.  Not to mention, Kyle is pretty amazing too.  I've told this story before, but I remember when he was playing football in High School.  We were at the end of the year Awards Banquet.  His coach was speaking, talking about a young man on the team.  He said, this next player is not my best player.  But, he comes to practice everyday on time, never complains about the work outs, never complains about the playing time he gets.  He never swears.  He encourages his teammates.  He works hard.  This player is a great example to everyone.  His coach said, "give me an entire team of players like Kyle Schmidt, and we will go places."  We were all shocked!  Then he called him up and introduced Kyle to all of the parents.  Of course we were all shocked because Kyle was just being himself.  When he was on his mission his Mission President said the same things.  We also heard the same kind of things from the Young Men's President in our ward when Kyle was serving as the Assistant Scout Master.  Kyle is a very good young man.  Yes, we take some of the credit, but we are not the only ones responsible for this.  It takes a village and he had great coaches, great Young Men's Leaders (Kevin was one of them), Great Priesthood Leaders, and good friends.  He can be quiet, but he leads by example, quietly showing others how to be.  It's great!!!  I love that about him. 

Around the house...I have so much to do!  I am looking at little tiny feathers all over my carpet.  Our couch has goose down feathers in each of the cushions and the dog tore one (no, more like a couple) of them.  Now we are all sneezing from it.  ARG!  Time for new furniture for sure!  

I am pondering...the idea of moving after Kyle and Curtis leave the house.  We so could do it.  It will just be Kevin and I and Lexi here and let's face it....we can't keep up with the pool and the yard.  It's a lot with work and all.  So, unless we win the lottery (no we don't play) or something so we can pay someone to handle the pool and the yard...this just might be our best option.  We will see.  It's all up in the air and we have lots to think about.  

A favorite quote for today...
WARNING:  The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for the following counties.....  (See....we might get some rain!  So HAPPY!!!)
One of my favorite Internet shopping!  I have gotten to where if I can get it online then I do.  I had someone tell me the other day that they do their Wal-Mart shopping (except for perishables) online and it is delivered free to their house.  I'm about to check that out as well.  And, I love being able for my kids to email me links to gifts they would like for Christmas and all I have to do it "click and buy."  Talk about saving time!!!

A few plans for the rest of the, work, work!  Kyle has a national weight lifting competition next weekend in New Mexico.  We won't be going, but we will be watching online.  I love that about technology!  We will be streaming the competition.  Good Luck Kyle!

A peek into my day...hanging out with my husband and the two younger kids for a little while.  Lexi had a Volleyball Tournament to help out with today and then she is off to the movies tonight with friends.  Curtis and Kyle went to the candy store they wanted to get to today.  Sweeties in Chandler.  They have EVERYTHING!!!  

 A picture worth sharing......

This is the before photo.  Don't you love the triple chins on this tiny, skinny girl?  

This is the after photo when I used the photo app to "enhance" her nature beauty. Isn't it funny????  So BEAUTAMUS!!!!! I just had to share this silly photo.  Lexi is a good sport about it too. She lets me post it on Facebook too.  :)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend like the one I'm about to enjoy!

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