Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Me, at a Shooting Range???!!!

Kyle recently bought a gun and he loves going to the shooting range with his girlfriend.  I think they have probably gone shooting about 3-4 times since he bought the gun and he loves it.  Kyle has also spent a little time trying to teach those of us that don't know how to handle a gun.  Since we now have one in the home, all of us need to know how to handle and use it.  Today Kyle wanted me to go with him, Morgan and Morgan's mother to the shooting range, but I screwed that up.  Later after Kyle went over to Morgan's home, he asked if I wanted meet them and go shooting this afternoon.  Little did I know that I would be the one to bring the gun, the ammo, and the ear and eye protection.  That meant me driving with the gun and the ammo on the passengers seat next to me.  EEK!  Certainly NOT something I do every day for sure.  It was a bit strange.  One of my Facebook friends said, "Rob a bank and I think you will find that one feels much stranger than the other".  He is probably right.  :)  

Here are few photos of the shooting range we went to just to give you an idea of what it's like.  I had a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again.  They have ladies days at the shooting range.  I wanna go again.  In fact, eventually this should be something Kevin and I could do together when he recovers.  I also like that the shooting range is really close to our home too.  Look out!  You may see me there more often.  :)

I thought I would throw a photo in of Morgan and Kyle.  Aren't they cute together.  I think so.  Kyle took Morgan out to dinner at the Compass Room at the top of the Hyatt in Phoenix.  The restaurant rotates around so you can get a good look at the entire Phoenix valley.  It's pretty cool.  Kevin took me there when we were dating many many moons ago.  Anyway, while Morgan and Kyle were out they had someone take their picture.  

Here are a few photos of the Compass Room at the Hyatt Regency Hotel

This is a view from inside the restaurant...

Here are a few photos of the valley from the restaurant.

It's pretty cool!  I loved it when Kevin took me there so many years ago.  This was the Hotel Kevin wanted to take me to on our first date.  He said he just wanted to ride the elevator because its all open to downtown Phoenix.  BUT this girl wouldn't have it.  We ended up at the Airport walking around watching the planes take off.  You know, when you could actually get to a gate without going through TSA.  The Hyatt was the Hotel Kevin and I stayed the night we got married.  We stayed there for a night and then headed off for our honeymoon.  It was really nice.  We should have stayed a couple of more nights.  That would have been fun.  

Morgan is a return missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  She served her mission in Idaho.  She is also in the Army National Guard.  (she is a military police officer) She currently works guarding the National Guard Headquarters in Phoenix, but has recently accepted a job as a police officer at ASU.  She is waiting to hear when she will start the academy.  (That's right folks, ASU has official police officers on duty to protect and serve the ASU campus.)  So, Kyle's girlfriend carries a weapon with her any time she is working her day-to-day job, whenever she is doing her thing for the National Guard, and probably whenever you see her.  She is also getting ready to go back to school for her Masters Degree. We love Morgan.  She is an awesome girl and we are thrilled that she enjoys spending time with our son, and we know he enjoys spending time with her too. They make a very cute couple, don't you think???!!!  I do. 

Kyle wants to become a P.E. teacher and eventually coach football at one of the schools in the area.  So, he is going to school.  He is also still doing his weight lifting thing.  He has a competition in New Mexico at the end of this month.  I don't think I will make it there to see it, unfortunately.  I like going to his competitions.  I just don't think I will be able to leave Kevin for that long right now.  It's on a Saturday and luckily they will be recording the competition so we can stream it on the computer.  I love technology!  Isn't it great?  

Well, it's getting late and I need to get off to bed.  Take care and we will talk to you soon.  

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