Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What really matters....

Here is Kevin this afternoon in his hospital bed. 

He wanted me to finally see his incision, but it's all covered up with this new special stuff.  So, I won't get to see it up close and personal for a few more days.  But by looking at the picture his incision was reopened and extended.  It now goes from S1 to L2.  Here is the photo I took of the bandage.  So look at it this way.  Just above his bum to just below his shoulder blades.  You can see it better here...

If I would have moved the camera a little  more to the right you would be seeing his bum, and that's probably a whole lot more than you wanted to see of my husband, right???!!!  

He came home around 6:30 p.m. tonight.  The hospital, the surgeon, two attending physicians, 4 Physical therapists, and two acute care hospitals tried and tried to get our insurance to allow Kevin to be admitted for acute rehab care, but they denied the request.  Frankly, I don't find the insurance company totally at fault.  I blame Obama care!  For the past two years Obama care has messed over my insurance, my doctors, and now our care.  Sure, maybe others will be able to get insurance.  At least those that didn't have it, but what about those that have always had it, paid for it, and still need it???  It never made sense to me to take away from those that all ready have great coverage and scale it down and make them pay more.  Then those that don't have it require that they get it and if they don't charge them a penalty for not having it.  There has got to be a better way.  A way that would make everyone involved happier.  Not to mention all the employers involved OR even the doctor's who care for the patients.  I know you have heard me mention this before, but all physicians now have more work to do and they have all lightened their patient loads to allow for time to do all that is required of them now.  That means, you probably cannot get in to see the doctors as often as you may need or like.  
This all just gets me angry, and I am well beyond angry right now.  Frankly, none of this really matters.  What really matters is that my husband is a VERY lucky man.  There were pieces of metal floating around in his back that could not be seen in an MRI.  In fact, the metal could not be seen in the last two possibly three MRI's he had done.  Kevin is very lucky the surgeon decided to go in when he did.  Prior to last week we were looking at surgery #4.  We knew that.  Kevin had an appointment with the surgeon set up for late August to make that final decision and plan.  Until......well, we ended up with Kevin getting admitted as an emergency and ultimately, emergency surgery.  I am so glad the surgeon decided to act quickly!  I love that man!  He literally saved my husband from all kinds of things.  I cannot say enough about the doctors, nurses and therapists working with him!  They are amazing! 

Well, I am tired, I can't see because my eyes are killing me, and I cannot think clearly right now.  I need to some sleep.  More maybe tomorrow.  Til then, take care and hope you are having a wonderful August!

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