Friday, August 1, 2014


HIVES!  HIVES!!  HIVES!!!  I broke out with something last week where my face and chin swelled up.  Then as the face swelling was going down my hands and the bottoms of my feet swelled up.  That has been going on for two weeks now....AND now I have hives everywhere.  They put me on some medication the first day.  I am beside myself trying to figure out the cause.  TWO WEEKS OF THIS, can you believe that???
Yesterday Kevin had another scheduled pain block.  Everything went fine.  He came home and slept a while and then later that evening his leg would get this shooting pain and then he would drop to the floor.  This happened three times last night.  Today it happened twice and now he is having trouble putting weight on his leg.  In fact, Kevin spent 3 hours on the floor in the family room because he could not get himself up and no one could hear him calling for help.  Curtis finally helped him up this morning when he got up for work.  I feel horrible about that!  So, we called his pain doctor today since everything is run through him.  The pain doctor immediately called the surgeon.  The surgeon instructed us to get Kevin to the hospital.  Today I still had some swelling in my hands and a few itchy swelled up welts, but it seemed that things were getting a little better with me.  Until......
We got Kevin to the Emergency Room the surgeon requested we take him to.  He immediately saw the ER Physician in triage.  She came right out to see Kevin.  She ordered blood work and an MRI with and without contrast.  There was a paramedic that tried twice to start an IV, but did a poor job of it.  Once he got an IV started he couldn't draw the blood for the Lab.  The lab had to come draw his blood. Once his blood was taken we sat in the Emergency Room waiting room for what seemed like forever, and as we sat there my hands started to itch, get red, and swell up again.  Now I have welts all over my back, chest, legs and arms...and I am itching all over the place.   Even my head is swelling up and itchy.  I have never had welts on my head under my hair before.  Do you think stress could be the cause of these lovely hives????
I'm telling you this day has been something!  Curtis lost his debit card and we were all tearing the house apart searching for it.  I thought for sure he was going to need someone to bring him lunch or something.  Thankfully he had a little cash on him.  After we searched high and low, and after we were at the ER, Curtis found his debit card tucked in between the washer and the dryer in our laundry room.  Thank goodness he found it!  
Speaking of banking bank has been giving me fits today too!  Oh my gosh!!!!  I SO WANT TO TELL YOU WHO I BANK WITH, but I can't!!!!!!  They did something late in the day that totally messed me over like they always do.  LATE IN THE DAY!  No phone call.  Nothing.  They just did it.  However, I made three phone calls to them instead.  This all was happening while we were on the phone with doctors trying to determine what needed to be done with Kevin.  Then even while I was driving to the hospital I ended up on the phone with the bank.  AND again after Kevin was admitted to the ER I was on the phone with my bank because they did the same thing to Kyle's account.  I even explained our situation and what we were dealing with today.  (Kevin Emergency Admit to the hospital by a Neurosurgeon, pending surgery) They didn't care!  Totally heartless!  No help at all!!!  Then they messed things up even worse, so now I have to wait even longer.  Needless to say, I am done with that bank!  I have a new account somewhere else which is fine with me.  It's closer to home and more convenient anyway!  I am not happy with that old bank!  Not happy AT ALL!!!  
After we waited what seemed like forever, but was maybe 2 hours, Kevin got his MRI and they came and got me to wait for Kevin in his little area in the ER.  I kid you not, it was more like the size of my walk in closet with a curtain on it.  Super small!  While I waited I called my kids to make sure they got dinner and everyone was okay.  The plan was to get Kevin admitted and have my boys come down with their Grandmother to give Kevin a blessing.  By the time we finally got the results to the MRI and they finally decided to call the surgeon it was late and Kevin never got a blessing.  In fact, my son decided to go visit his girlfriend and took the car so my kids could not get something for dinner.  I wasn't happy and my son I was not pleased because I was on my way from Gilbert Mercy Hospital to my home to get dinner taken care of for my other children.  When I pulled out of the hospital parking lot unbeknownst to me, I turned south and was headed towards Tucson.  Which is totally unlike me.  I usually have a great sense of direction.  (Could stress be an issue for me??  Hmmm....let me think.  YES!!)  Luckily I caught on and turned myself around and called my oldest daughter to keep me company while I drove home.  It was then that they explained that my son made it home and dinner was taken care of.  So, back to the hospital I went.  It was a good thing I did go back when I did because the ER wanted to discharge Kevin.  AND thankfully Kevin was smart enough to question that decision because the ER never even spoke to the surgeon until Kevin put his foot down.  Can you believe that???!!!!  That was our whole purpose for being at that hospital.  Because the surgeon requested that Kevin go there.  We never would have driven clear out to the middle of nowhere to go to an ER unless there was a reason for us to be there.  Especially a hospital we have never been to.  We are a Banner Hospitals Family and always will be.  Thankfully when Kevin called the pain doctor's cell number he called back 5 minutes later.  Then he called the surgeon, who called the ER physician and explained he wanted Kevin admitted.  

They got Kevin up to a room.  Once the nurse left the room for a moment I could tell Kevin was scared.  His lips were quivering like you would not believe.  Then the nurse came back and started to ask questions about medicines and everything else.  I just hope they finally got Kevin some pain meds because he was beginning to have the pain level creep back up to an 8 or 9 again.  I did not get a warm fuzzy feeling about that hospital today.  I know Kevin will get great care from the doctor's involved in his care because we have dealt with all of them and they are WONDERFUL, but that hospital.  Oh I don't know. While I think about that, the hives are creeping back again.  OH MAN! 

It use to be when I got stressed my stomach would churn and rumble and then it would hurt.  NOW, the stomach doesn't even give me any kind of clue.  The hives are my only sign.  Then there is the lack of reaction from our children.  They are past feeling on this whole dad, hospitals, and surgery thing.  Which isn't something I like.  Sure, I get that they have watched him going through all of this many many times.  BUT, that does not change the fact that this is major surgery.  MAJOR!!!!  Many hours of surgery....and the flip thing too.  That's right, they could do the flip thing again and go in from the front and the back again.  Now don't get me wrong.  I don't want what is happening to their father to stop them from being who they are.  They don't need these things getting in the way of things for them.  BUT, I would like them to be concerned and be available to rally the troops, so-to-speak.  This stunt of running off the see the girlfriend tonight has me concerned.  Especially since we asked before we left that both boys come down to give their dad a blessing before we even left the house.  ARG! is all I can say.  I am frustrated but I will get over it.  Kids are kids.  Even if they are over 20 years old.

Okay, so I have shared more that I really should have tonight.  Our life has been turned upside down.  Believe it or not, I really do try to keep things upbeat and not complain all the time on my blog, on Facebook, or to others.  I know no one likes a "Debbie Downer", but I have to vent somehow.  I can't really talk to Kevin much about all of this.  He has enough on his plate.  My children can only help so much, and I can't do that to them.  Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I do have a happy go lucky side to me, and you will see it.  I promise.  Just give me a little time.

Besides, tomorrow will be a good day for the entire Schmidt family.  My nephew will be getting married tomorrow.  Unfortunately, this side of the Schmidt family will miss the entire thing.  No wedding, no reception.  Nothing.  We are bummed.  We are sad we won't be able to get there.  We wish them the best and we know they will understand.  Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Happy Couple!!!   

AND!!! I still haven't got to see that new little nephew of mine.  I so want to see him, but I don't dare do it.  What if these hives aren't just stress related?  I don't want that new little one to get sick because of me.  BUT I can't wait to see him!!  Such a cutie!  

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