Monday, August 18, 2014

The Schmidt Life

This blog post started on Saturday, August 15th............... It's official!  Our oldest daughter has moved out.  She moved to ASU Poly Tech Campus in a 3 bedroom 2 bath house for the next two semesters of school.  (It could be more if all goes well.)  A friend she has know since Junior High is her roommate.  The roommate is not a member of the church, but she is a good girl and she might as well be our daughter too.  Now we have an empty room in our home.  

We were going to move all of the exercise equipment into the empty room, along with a few craft supplies, an extra table and possibly a few other things.  My intention was to unclutter my bedroom and a few other spaces.  It looks like that plan has been placed on hold for a bit.  We moved my husband into the extra room temporarily.  When he was back in our bedroom it was hard to hear him if he yelled for something.  We moved his bed, the side tables, all of his pillows, the TV and his (its actually mine) laptop into the extra room.  It's smaller, but right off our dining room, so when we are in the kitchen or living room we can hear him and go running if we need to.  Hopefully this will take care of him.  He has felt "put away" for some time now.  Hopefully this will help him feel a little closer to the rest of the family now.  I feel better about him being in that room.  It's right off the door to the backyard and close enough to the front door too.  

When Kevin was back in the back of the house, not only could we not hear him, but he could not hear us.  That meant when he was home alone before surgery he would not hear if someone tried to come into the house from the front or the back.  This way he will know if someone tries to get in.  I think I would rather him be able to hear something. I don't know which is better. The not knowing or the knowing.  But so far, he is happier where he is and that is all that matters.  Plus it just makes sense to have him closer to us all.  Now I can work on rearranging the bedroom too.  Before we moved Kevin it was hard for him to maneuver around the bed to just get to the bathroom.  He scared me each time he did it on his own.  And that was before his surgery.  Now its just frightful!!!  I had planned to move the bed to a different location and make things a little easier for him once we could have him out of the bed for a long enough period of time.  Right now sitting up for more than a half an hour at a time is a stretch, and not good.  He just needs to rest and lay flat for the time being.  Here is a drawing of they layout of our bedroom.  (I'll post the before and after photos of the room later.  Right now I just don't have time to make the changes.  I need my boys home to do it, so it will be a while.)  
This is a rough outline of how things are set up now....

This is how I want to arrange things for Kevin
If I can get things set up this way, then he will not have as far to walk with the walker to the bathroom.  He still would have issues being in the back of the house, but then I wouldn't stress out about him walking around the bed.  

The risk of him falling is a huge issue right now.  He has 10 weeks of taking it slow and easy before he will begin to be able to do anything like lift something more than 5-10 pounds or think about walking without his walker.  Eventually he would like to move to a cane if need be.  Ultimately he would love to not have to use anything at all, but we will have to see how he progresses.  We are hopeful though.  

I have to say, it's weird having all of my children out of the house.  Tonight Kevin is laying flat while I am here sitting in the living room typing away in between doing dishes and picking up around the house.  My children are all in different places.  Danielle most likely is living it up being single and away from the house.  Kyle is out at the shooting range with his girlfriend, trying out his new gun.  Lexi is at the Seminary Social, and Curtis tagged along after one of his old leaders asked him to go with them.  The house is really quiet.  Oh, and the dog is stretched out on the cool tile floor.  

It's a good thing for us to just lay low tonight.  I was feeling super stressed last night..Friday.  Which causes all of my lovely health issues to go through the roof. (Yes, the hives or the swelling up in weird place on my body has come back.  Not to mention a few other issues....ARG!!!)  Not fun!  At least I am home and can deal with it here.  We have A LOT of things going on around here that are reasons to be a little freaked out.  So far there has only been a little bit of freak out.  Which resulted in a Facebook post from me last night.  Life is crazy for this family, but life is good.  We are all together, even with Danielle living away.  She is still WITH us.  No matter how hard she tries she will always be with us.  Just not every day. 

One thing Kevin wants to do is get back to being able to go to church.  Even if it means he gets there just for the Sacrament and then leaves.  He doesn't want to have to have the Priests bring him the Sacrament in our home.  He wants to get out and go to church for it.  Honestly, I think that would be the best thing for all of us.  I'm the type of person that worries about what everyone else thinks about me, my family, our situation.  Even when no one has said or done anything.  I pre-think about things, which can be self-destructive.  Or as Kevin calls it, I pre-stress about things. Which causes me to avoid others and situations.  It's not a good habit to get into, believe me.  I am trying to get better.  Somehow through all of this stress and craziness I can somewhat see the silver lining through it all, and hopefully that will carry us through.  Or at least I am hopeful.  We have some things to work on.  We have some things to improve on.  But don't we all?  It's getting late and we have a form we need to get completed for our attorney that we have been putting off until Kevin got a little better and life got a little less stressful.  (Kevin isn't exactly better and things certainly are not less stressful for either of us.  The form just needs to get done.)  Hope you all have a wonderful night and that all is well with you and yours.  Take care and we will talk to you soon.
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