Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just Popped in to say Hello

It's been one of those days so I'm just checking in to say hello and let you know I am thinking about you but don't have much time.  Rain was in our forecast and we have yet to see a drop at our house.  How I wish it would just rain.  Oh well.  
Today on my way home from picking up Lexi from volleyball there were about 8 police cars and several motorcycle cops blocking the intersection we would normally cross at Gilbert Road to get home.  On the corner you could see a mangled motorcycle in pieces along that side of the road.  You could tell by the looks of that motorcycle that whoever was on it, even with their helmet, did not survive.  Who knows who that person was.  Was it someone's son or daughter?  A mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, or uncle?  We're they rushing home after a long day at work to see their family or just out for an afternoon stroll?  Oh how the lives of many changed today in just a split second.   Which brings me to this quote. I know there are people out there that love to hold a grudge.  Who love to be mad at others.  Or who say and do some mean things, to friends, to family.  It's sad.  Who cares who is right or wrong!  Let it go!  Time to be the bigger person and rise above it.  Time to forgive them and yourself.  Enough said!  

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