Monday, August 25, 2014


Tonight we made homemade pizza and now the kids and I are watching a movie for FHE.  We are watching Never Give Up.  It's been a strange day.  Lexi came home early from school again with another migraine.  The doctor told us the kind of migraines she has could be triggered by any number of things.  She was up and down a lot last night so if I had to guess it was a lack of sleep this time.  Not to mention forgetting her lunch money on the table too.  I had Kyle pick her up right after everyone's lunch break. We also cancelled her therapy appointment this evening too.  She seems to be doing better now.  Still a little fuzzy but better. 

Kyle has switched jobs recently. 
 Now he is training to be a school bus driver.  He isn't sure he wants to do this yet, but it pays pretty well and they will work around a school schedule.  So he should have his CDL license anytime now.  In fact, he mentioned that they want him to test this Saturday, so we will see.  You know he has to parallel park the big bus to get his license.
He will have to parallel park a bus this size.  Sheesh!!!  Talk about pressure!  
I'm sure Kyle would prefer a bus like this.

They say it's gonna rain tonight and most of tomorrow.  I sure hope so.  I love the rain.  I just wish it would rain for several days at a time.  I think that would be absolutely lovely!  

It's getting late and it's time for bed.  Have a good night and we will talk to you tomorrow.  

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