Thursday, August 21, 2014

Being a Good Friend

Yesterday when I dropped Lexi off at school we noticed a friend of hers a couple of times.  They must have circled around the school a couple of times or something.  Later that day Lexi told me that this friend and her mother had been in a car accident on the way to school.  So, it must have happened after we saw them the second time, right before Lexi got out of the car.  

Lexi and this friend have a class together.  When Lexi saw the friend she had been crying and was pretty shook up.  In fact her hands were all shaky is what Lexi told me.  Lexi said at first this friend wouldn't tell her what was wrong, so Lexi had the friend go with her to the bathroom so they could talk in private.  That is when the friend told Lexi what had happened.  Lexi seeing that her friend all shaken up she told her that she needed to call her mother right away.  I told Lexi when she told me the story that her friend was probably in shock.  Thankfully this friend listened to Lexi, called her mother, and went home.  

Thankfully the accident wasn't too bad and no one was seriously hurt.  Apparently someone rear ended them on the way to the school.  I hate that these friends had to go through this experience.  Car accidents are NEVER any fun.  However, I have to say, this was a proud Momma moment for me.  I was so glad Lexi had the insight to get her friend somewhere that she would feel comfortable talking and then made sure her friend got the help she needed.  I love that little girl!  She is turning out to be a wonderful young lady and I couldn't be more pleased.  I talked to the friends mother last night.  Apparently Lexi had this friend was with her during seminary.  Lexi had the friend use her cell phone to call her mother.  Her mother said she didn't recognize the number when the call came through but she answered it anyway.  Thankfully she did and the Mom immediately picked her daughter up from seminary and took her home.  Mom said she was glad Lexi was there too because the friend was definitely in shock.  

Lexi on Christmas Eve at our house.

I finally got to see Danielle's new place tonight.  She called me tonight to tell me she wasn't going to be able to make it over to our place because she was sick.  She sounded horrible.  So, Lexi and I took her a little care package with cold medicine, orange juice, a little chocolate, as well as some soup from Zupa's.  It looks like they are doing well in their new place.  While I was there we made a quick trip to Walmart to pick up a microwave, toaster, a crock pot, and a universal remote for the TV.  Danielle was getting ready to warm the soup up on the stove and I told her to just put in the microwave.  Silly Mom!!  Of course these two college students do not have a microwave.  What was I thinking???  Anyway, it was weird seeing the old base housing again.  My dad was stationed out at Williams Air Force Base, but we never lived on base.  We did live in base housing when we lived in Texas and California though.  The feel is the same.  I like that ASU decided to rent the places out.  That is a huge benefit for college students and young married couples.  Well, Get Well Danielle and Brittney.  Hope you feel better soon.  
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