Saturday, August 16, 2014

Artichoke Yard Statues

A while ago I picked up some outdoor statues.  They look to be artichokes in a vase and are about 3 feet tall each.  The photo below are what they looked like when I got them.  The lady I got them from painted the bottoms bronze and the tops a rust color.  Not exactly what I had in mind.  

I then went on an Internet search to figure out what color to paint these lovely statues and guess what I found????

I stumbled upon someone back east who had the exact same statues I now have.  They must be sold in pairs or something.  This person was thinking about getting rid of hers because they were so weathered and worn.  But...her hubby took it upon himself to repaint them and this is what they originally looked like and this is what they look like now.
I decided the next time I went grocery shopping at a full sized Walmart I would pick up some spray paint.  Here is what I 
used for the bottom.  This paint has a stone like texture.  Here is a photo showing the bottom with the new paint job.
Once the bottom was done I really didn't think my statues looked half bad, but I knew they could look better, so I applied the dark brown glossy paint I picked up too.  
I am really pleased with how these turned out.  This was a really easy little project.  Just a little spray paint and a little time at night when the kids were home to help keep an eye on their Dad.  I think the total amount of time it took to spray these babies was a total of 20 minutes.  This is how I handle some of the stress we all are feeling right now in our family.  20 little minutes to spray paint.  I just wish I could find a way to take some of the pressure and pain away from Kevin.  He needs a little relief too.  I keep trying to remind Kevin that we experienced a miracle with his back, but when the pain gets excruciating and you are only getting an hour here and an hour there of sleep, your mind tends to get the better of you.  Kevin has had about 3 really rough days lately.  I don't know if it was due to the recent change in the weather and the rain we received or what.  It could be that his back is healing too.  It's hard telling.  

When Kevin say his surgeon yesterday he was told that he needs to take it easy and slow.  He was also told the come back in 2 weeks and then the surgeon will possibly consider starting LIGHT physical therapy on him.  Kevin's mind and the rest of his body wants to get up and go, but his back keeps telling him No.  It's been really hard on him.

As some of you know our youngest daughter has been having some trouble with her left arm.  This afternoon she was scheduled for another appointment with the orthopedic to review her MRI and determine treatment from there.  We were hoping our daughter just had something like a ganglion cyst.  You know, something that could be a quick fix to drain the cyst and then she could get back to her normal activities.  Which are Volleyball, Volleyball, Volleyball.  Well, apparently not!  So, the doctor showed us in the MRI films that Lexi has a ganglion cyst in the carpal tunnel canal.  He said that was extremely rare and could only be taken care of with surgery.  Then he ran Lexi through a bunch of flexing and bending exercises to try to determine if the cyst was the real cause of her problem.  He couldn't really tell. So, he thinks she also has tendinitis.  Now Lexi cannot play Volleyball for at least another month.  She is pretty bummed about the whole thing because she felt she had a real good chance of getting a spot on the varsity team.  The doctor gave Lexi some new cream that is not covered by our insurance.  The Pharmacy wanted to have us wait a week to try to get insurance approval but she really has waited long enough for help with this.  So, we just picked it up.  Hopefully the insurance will get it covered by the next time she goes to fill the prescription, but I am not crossing my fingers.

Danielle moved on to the east ASU campus today.  Her and a friend she has known since Junior High have moved in together.  She had to leave her dog with us since ASU will not allow pets in the houses.  That's right, my daughter is in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house.  The houses use to be the old base housing for William's Air Force Base.  Housing I never lived in as a little girl when my father was stationed at that base, but ironically, my daughter is there.  I would have never dreamed my daughter would live there before.  I will be honest, her moving out still has not fully hit me yet.  I'm sure when I cannot turn to her for a little help with rides or whatever it will all begin to hit me.  Right now it just feels like she is away at sleep away camp or something.  LOL!  

I wish I could sleep.  It's hot and I just cannot seem to get comfortable, but I need to try.  Hope you all enjoyed my little project.  Have a great rest of your weekend and we will talk to you soon. 

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