Monday, August 4, 2014

A Quick Ten

1) We had Lexi into Urgent Care this afternoon.  I left for the Hospital to see Kevin and picked up his mom and by the time we got there and were talking to Kevin I was getting a call to get home because of her headache.  When I got home she was crying, vomiting and sick to her stomach.  I tried everything to get the pain to ease up.  She took a cool bath, we got more Tylenol and Motrin in her.  We tried sunglasses and a bag of ice at the base of her neck.  Nothing was working.  By 3:30 p.m. she was begging me to take her in.  Which is totally not like Lexi.  So, we went into Urgent Care.  Thank goodness we did.  They checked her out and gave her two shots in the bum.  One for the nausea and the other for the pain.  Then they gave her a prescription for the pain as well.  Tonight her eyes are all puffy and she is really tired, but the pain has died down.  Thank goodness!  She was all set to go out with her Grandmother today for a little trip, but Lexi had to cancel.  Maybe tomorrow.

2)  As you know, I have mentioned how I have been breaking out in, what I call, hives.  Well, they came on strong Saturday night.  My left arm swelled up so bad, and hurt.  I couldn't sleep.  Then my hands swelled up too.  It was so bad.  It was awful.  Then I was okay Sunday with a couple break outs, but nothing too crazy.  Nothing yesterday.  Tonight I have a few spots that have broke out.  I so wish I could figure out what the heck was going on with me.  I am so tired of this!  

3)  Kevin remains in the hospital.  His spirits are a little low right now.  I have tried to help him to realize just how lucky he is.  He knows this, but it does not change the fact that he will need extensive rehab.  He just wants to come home.  Which I get.  Believe me, we will not like not having him here.  I for one do not sleep well without him home.  So, this should be interesting.

4)  I am very grateful for our Bishop.  He has kept up with Kevin over the past several months.  He knows Kevin has been through some rough moments and needed some words of encouragement.  It seems like our Bishop knows the right moments to check in with Kevin and I cannot thank him enough for heeding those promptings.  Each time our Bishop has called Kevin at the perfect moment.  And each time Kevin has come away from those phone calls with a new perspective and a better attitude, and that is priceless to Kevin and to me.

5)  Curtis came home from work with all kinds of welts all over his body.  He has 5 of them that are huge.  One was 3 inches across and 2 inches high on his shoulder.  The others are about 3-4 inches across, but not super tall.  He took some Benadryl as soon as I saw them and now he is off to sleep.  He said he was sick to his stomach all day.  He even threw up today.  I was so afraid we would end up back to Urgent Care tonight.  So far, so good.  

6) I have to share this.....Curtis Schmidt is working doing landscaping to earn money for his mission and he loves his job. Its hard work, but he is learning a lot and has learned to love the people he works with. Most of them do not speak English. The other day while out on a job one of his coworkers was doing something he shouldn't do when a home owner pulled up to her property. Instead of going up to the Foreman, the woman walked up to Curtis, assuming he understood English and the others didn't. (Which was true, but... ). The lady said to Curtis, "Is he peeing in my yard?" Without skipping a beat Curtis says back to the lady, "No habla ingles." Ever since that moment the other members of his crew tease him about it all the time now.....they will say, "what Curtis, no habla ingles?". It's great! I love that he is enjoying himself but I love more that he is loving the people he works with.

Curtis is the Blondie in the middle with the glasses on.

7)  Kyle has a new friend.  She is a convert to the church.  She joined the church when she was 10 years old.  She played softball in High School and got a scholarship for school.  In fact, she is very athletic!  She attended Eastern Arizona College and BYU Idaho.  She was pre-law for a time too.  She is a return missionary.  She served a mission in Idaho.  She is Military Police for the Army Reserves.  She also works for the National Guard and carries a weapon everyday to work and serves in her military fatigues too.  She is a very hard worker.  I don't think this girl ever stops!  She is on the go all the time!  She seems very nice and I am happy for both of them.  I cannot wait to get to know her more.
(Shh.....don't tell him I told you)  

8)  Have you seen Saving Mr. Banks?  (I know, I'm probably late to this party, right??) Oh, I want to see that movie!  Kevin had it on in his room on Friday and I only got to see a little bit of it.  It looks so good and now I have got to see it.  It's about how Disney worked for over 20 years to convince the author of Mary Poppins to allow them to create a movie about Mary Poppins.  I had no idea the character Mary Poppins was based on an actual person.  P.L. Traverse wrote all the Mary Poppins books.  The character Mary Poppins was based on her Aunt who came to stay with her family while her father was ill.  The Aunt stayed with the family when her father was very ill and eventually died of influenza and alcoholism.  And besides, anything Tom Hanks is in us usually pretty darn good.  Gotta see it!

9)  Where are those cleaning fairies when you need them?  I so wish I could just twinkle my nose and everything would be "spit spot", in it's place.  Wouldn't that be absolutely glorious???!!!  I would absolutely love it!  (Cuz, motivating my children has failed.....again.  ARG!)

10)  I did get something good done today.  Most of the bills got paid today.  YEAH!!!  That always makes me happy.  Still a couple things to get to, but the major ones are taken care of.  Love that feeling.  

QUOTE:  The struggles you feel today will offer the strength you need tomorrow.
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