Monday, August 18, 2014

A new look to an old wall.

This is how I de-stress.  When Kevin is finally asleep and I can't sleep I start to rearrange the house and the things on the walls.  I do much better cleaning when there is a creative purpose to it all.  Not to mention a hubby who is recovering from surgery.  We recently had to move some things around in the living room to get some things away from the front window so some other things could be closer to the window.  Bottom line my love seat switched sides of the room.  That way, if and when Kevin needs to get to or through the front door he will have a clear shot to the door.  No love seat sitting right there to get in his way anymore.  Then if he needs more room to maneuver at the door he has it.  Besides, Kevin says he likes this new layout better anyway.  In the process my sofa table found a new home and I finally put my big letter S on the wall.  I still need my boys to bring in the doors that are on the driveway at my house so they can rest behind my couch again.  That will happen soon.  

I thought about a bench to put on this wall before I moved the sofa table.  Looking at it now, it still could use a bench tucked under the table.  Or two small benches.  I have the building plans to make my own benches, i just don't have the time or extra money right now.  Maybe soon.  

Anyway, I know I have vented a lot in my last two post and I seem stressed out.  I do have an outlet for my stress and I do know all of this will eventually pass.  Have a good night and take care.

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