Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Few Short Words.

I'm sitting here and I can barely keep my eyes open, but I am feeling very blessed.  AND I just wanted to check in with all of you for a few minutes. 

The past several days have been out of control.  The past several days have been full of challenges.  For starters my husband is a very lucky man.  Since the beginning of this year he has had three MRI's.  Each one showed damage above his past surgery in August of 2013.  BUT....what it didn't show was all of the damage.  Thankfully his surgeon decided to go ahead and open him up and he found all the other damage.  By doing the surgery, the surgeon literally saved my husband added damage to his back and spinal cord.  If things did not turn out the way they did we could have been dealing with a completely different outcome.  I have to say, we absolutely LOVE this surgeon!  He is awesome and we are going to consider him a part of our family now.  Especially since he has been such a huge part of our lives for a complete year now.  Not to mention the pain specialist the surgeon referred Kevin to.  He too will be considered family as well!  We cannot say enough about these men!  (more on them later)

Tomorrow is another crazy day and it's now 8 p.m. and I need some sleep.  I have early morning phone calls with the Rehabilitation Hospital Liaison, possibly physicians, the insurance company, AND our attorney.  All before 9:00 a.m. and I want to be awake and alert for all of them.  So, off to bed I go.  I'm sorry I don't have more to share right now.  I promise, more to come later.  Hope you all have a good night!
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