Monday, July 28, 2014


My mind is going 90 miles an hour in many different directions.  So fast I can barely keep up with all the madness, but my poor old body is ready to drop.  My eyes!  Oh they are killing me.  I apologize for all the type-o's now.  

I'm thinking I resemble both of these cartoons.  Feeling Frazzled like the lady in the first one and allergic like the lady (I think it's a lady) in the second.  As some of you know, I went to the doctor last week with an some kind of allergic reaction I was having but my doctor couldn't find a bit, but my face swelled up like crazy.  Well, it happened again two more times.  I was given an antibiotic and told to put heat on the areas that were swelling instead of ice.  Heat does help, but I am really tired of blowing up like a puffer fish all the time.  I really think they just need to give me the shot of steroids.  Not that I want that either.  I have racked my brain trying to figure out what is happening and I can't seem to come up with anything I have eaten or detergents we have used that are different.  We switched laundry soaps years and years ago when this happened before.  I went to work when it happened then....big mistake.  There is nothing like becoming the laughing stock and having everyone make the rounds to see the circus freak at work when it happened.  And no, I am not kidding.....I felt like a circus freak.  So, I will not do that again.

ANYWAY.........I have decided to use a blog post style a fellow blogger uses with a bit of my own twist.  Here goes...

Ten things I need to do this week:
1.  Set aside all the things my Nephew and his future wife want to borrow for their reception.  Like lanterns, cake stands, license plates, two big letter S signs, two large wrought iron easels, a 6 foot black clock, 4 doors for a backdrop, a yellow bistro table and chairs, and 4 tin ceiling tiles.  There could be other things I am forgetting.
2.  I need to get to Kevin's doctor's appointment tomorrow after work.
3.  Review my lesson for Sunday
4.  Trim the bushes in the front of my house
5. Get my index cards ready for my new cleaning system/plan/schedule
6. Clean.  It seems that is always on the list of things to do.
7. Get to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things.
8. Print out a picture for my sister-in-law to frame for the reception this upcoming weekend.
9. Pick up a prescription from the pharmacy
10. School shopping with my daughter and fill out the registration form for school
Nine people I visited with, in one way or another, yesterday:
1. Kim
2. Tiana
3. Anna
4. Caleb
5. Sheldon
6. Ryan
7. Kevin
8. Megan
9. my Children
Eight things I am looking forward to right now:
1.  Getting to bed tonight.  I am really tired for some reason.  Could it be the benedryl?
2.  Getting my door painted - chalkboard paint!
3.  Redecorating my daughter's room
4.  Having a craft/work-out room after Danielle moves out
5.  Curtis to start his mission papers
6.  Kyle to admit he has a steady girlfriend.  He is just trying to play it cool.  He does this a lot lately.  Mom is always the last to know. 
7.  The bushes in my front yard to be trimmed. 
8.  My house to get back to normal again.  Whatever that is.  It's been a little "out of sorts" since Kevin had surgery last year.
Seven things I did today:
1.  Doctor's appointment
2.  made dinner.  That was huge for me today.  I do cook, believe me.  I can...and quite well if I do say so myself.
3.  took Kyle to work.  I should have let him drive himself.  
4.  picked Kevin up off the floor after a fall.
5.  went over to Kim & Bryan's house this evening to drop off a couple things.  (pictures & cake stands)
6.  Watched a movie
7.  Wrote a blog post.
Six things I am loving these days:
1.  This crazy girl!  She picked up a smiley face in a store the other day and held it up to her face (It was the size of her face) and had me take a picture of her.  Today, she wanted a cheese crisp for dinner instead of what I made.  So, I put it in the oven and well....I got a phone call and totally forgot about her cheese crisp.  This is how it turned out, and of course she had to have a photo of it too...Silly Girl!  

She is a nut!  I love her sense of humor and her silliness!  She is a wonderful daughter and we love her!
2. These necklaces and bracelets my little sister has been making.  She keeps posting them on Facebook.  I told her she needs to open an ETSY shop or join mine because she could make a lot of money.  Check them out....

3.  AND these necklaces my mother has been making.  My mother also does wire wrapped jewelry and it's pretty amazing too.  I just don't have any pictures of those things.  I need to get some.

4.  The ease of preparing my Sunday School lessons now.  I like having a little room to include some of the things I find.  For example:  Sunday we listened to a portion of a talk about the symbolism and the importance of the Sacrament.  One of the girls actually commented that they were going to have an actual lesson.  They were amazed by that I guess.  Sad!  I am really enjoying my class.  They are good kids and I am learning a lot too.  I could tell this was a lesson more for me just because I was crying through it.  I told my class, sometimes your teachers are called into a particular calling not for you, but more for the teacher, because the teacher needs it.  I need it.  At least that lesson.  We talked about how going to Sacrament Meeting is not so much about us, but it is more of a meeting about Him....Christ.  A meeting for and about Christ.  Imagine that!  I never really looked at Sacrament Meeting in quite that way.  Sure, I know how important partaking of the Sacrament is and all the symbolism there is throughout that portion of the meeting...Not to mention the fact that the chapel is an Ordinance Room.  One of the most important places we enter into on the face of the earth.  The temple being the other.  So, shouldn't we revere the Chapel as a sacred place?  Of course we should.  We talked about how the table where the Sacrament is prepared becomes an alter as the Priests kneel before it to bless the bread.  We also talked about how we should act in Sacrament Meeting.  And how if someone of importance walks into a room usually people stand when they enter that room...but if the Savior came into the room we would kneel.  Believe me, these are awesome kids and I was literally preaching to the choir...these kids know how important the Sacrament is.  Like I said, I needed to remember some of these things.  It was good.  I think I will look at Sunday meetings a little differently now and maybe I will actually make it there again....before the end of the year.  Not funny, but still very true.  
5.  How easy and quick it is to order something from LDS Distribution.  I love how quick they are!  I placed an order last weekend and the items were here by last Wednesday!  I absolutely love that!!!!  
6. These manual hedge trimmers my son bought!  They are cool.  
Five things I read yesterday:
1.  I think I read an entire website dedicated to a doctor's office yesterday trying to get Lexi registered.
2.  I read my lesson over again and several scriptures
3.  I read blog post comments
4.  I read a few text messages from friends and family members
5.  I read a lot of legal mumbo jumbo we received from our attorney...things I needed to review and just have not taken the time to do it until then.
Four things I didn't do yesterday:
1.  I didn't shop on Sunday.  I will admit I am bad about that and it is usually a visit to the grocery store that causes me to shop on Sunday.  I heard an interesting quote by one of our former Prophets, I just can't remember which one.  It is okay to pull your ox out of the meyer on Sunday as long as you did not push it in on Saturday night.  Meaning:  If you truly have an emergency on Sunday and HAVE TO say shop on Sunday to maybe buy medicine (for example) then that is okay....but if you do what I have done like get busy with so many other things on Saturday and don't make it to the grocery store...then that is not a good excuse.  Did I explain that right?  So, I have a few things to work on.  I admit it.
2.  I didn't make it to Sacrament Meeting.  I set the alarm, but I could not get to sleep the night before and stayed up way too late.  Not good.  Plus Kevin took a fall or two or three on Saturday I really thought I would end up at the E.R.
3.  I didn't stress over my lesson.  In fact, I haven't stressed over any of my lessons.  It's great!!!
4.  I didn't get as much done as I wanted to.  This was one busy family yesterday.  Church, 2 missionary farewells, One missionary Open House, Mission Prep, Dinner with a family, and getting ready for work the next day.  Can you say BUSY?
Three things I don't like about going to the doctor, for myself or a family member:
1.  Paperwork!  Oh my goodness.  So many forms and so many boxes to fill out.
2.  The waiting room.  If I had a dollar for every 5 minutes spent in a doctor's waiting room I would be a very rich woman.
3.  The waiting for approval for tests and other things.  I know a doctor sees a patient for about 10 minutes when you make an appointment.  They see your chart for the first time about 2 minutes before they step into the room you are in.  Then they visit with you for 10 maybe 15 minutes.  After that, for the most part, they never look at your chart again until your next visit.  All while you, the patient, wait and have your life turned upside down trying to deal with whatever it is you have.  I don't think some doctor's consider that when they give you the hurry up and wait answers they shell out.  It's frustrating.  I think something should be done about that.  What exactly I'm not sure, but something. (It's another soapbox moment, can you tell?  Sorry.)
Two things I want to watch but can't because the new episodes are not on Netflix
1.  Scandal.  I cannot get enough of that show.  I know it's not the greatest and they have sucked me right in.  Shameful!
2.  The Glades.  Just when they main characters were about to get married, the one gets shot, and that was the end of that season.  Arg!  
One thing I am thankful for:
1.  My Husband!  He is going through so much right now with his own health and his work.  I love that man!  

YOU were given this life because you were strong enough to live it.  
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