Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Is it a Bug Bite? OR Something Else???

Sheesh!  My face is all puffy.  I think I got bit by something.  So, I've been talking funny and taking benadryl.  If the puffiness does not go down soon I will be off to the doctor for one of his LOVELY shots.  Which I am not thrilled about at all!  One of the other girls at work had puffy eyes for several days, but hers was due to over exposure to the sun.  I haven't been out in the sun.  I spent the day running errands Saturday, but I certainly did not sit in the sun or even go swimming, so I know its not sun.  I don't think it was an allergic reaction to something I may have eaten either.  I haven't tried anything new in the last few days.  So, it must be some kind of a bit.  That's my best guess.  My chin is the biggest part, so whatever it was that got me, got me on my chin for sure.  My right cheek and the ride side of my lower lip is puffy too.  My chin is super hard.  It's odd for sure.  I look funny normally, but now I really look goofy.  :)  It was hard to sleep last night.  My chin feels bruised or something because it is so puffed up I'm sure.  I tried laying on my stomach, but the pressure on my face was horrible.  Then I tried laying on my side, that hurt too.  The only position that felt comfortable was my back, but then all I could hear was the pounding of my heart in my chin of all places.  Can you believe that?  Crazy!  I went to Urgent Care.  They looked at it but could not see that there was a bit mark.  Maybe I got stung by something?  Who knows.  They didn't decide to give me the shot, but said come back if it doesn't get better by this evening.  I have an antibiotic to get started on too.  I've had my face swell up before a couple of times a few years ago, but nothing like this with just the lower portion of my face was effected.  Usually my eyes get it too.  No eye swelling this time, just chin, lip, jaw, and cheek.  
While we were there a little girl walked in and her face was bleeding.  She was only 6 years old and she was bit by her cousin's dog.  The dog got the inside of her mouth, lip, nose, and there were teeth marks just below her eyes.  If the dog would have got her 1 inch higher he would have got her eyes for sure.  She wasn't crying and she was being so brave.  I felt bad for her.  I asked her if she liked the dog before he bit her and she said no.  I guess the dog isn't very friendly normally.  The little girl was from Pinetop and they were going back home tomorrow.  One more day.  The little girl lost teeth and her mother was worried about infection.  I think Mom did the right thing getting her daughter checked out.  You could tell the little girl was in pain, but she didn't cry at all.  She just kept wiping the spots where the dog's teeth had pierced her skin and inside her mouth.  Tomorrow that little girl is going to be in pain for sure.  Especially inside her mouth.  While I was back seeing the doctor for my issues, the little girl's uncle (the owner of the dog) came in to check on her.  I showed the little girl my face and my lower lip and told her I got bit too, but I think by a bug or spider.  She tried to smile.  Her upper lip was all swollen.  She was a little sweetie!  When other people came walking in and saw the two of us, because we were sitting right next to each other, I can only imagine what they thought happened to us all puffed up like we were, and blood coming down her little face.  I just hope nothing serious is wrong with that little girl and her poor little teeth.  We wish her and her family the best.  And the dog too.  Maybe the owner will try and get the dog a little obedience training or something.  
Kyle has been applying for new jobs lately.  He wants to eventually get his teaching degree and it would be a good idea to work at the schools he will be teaching at.  So, he applied for several jobs.  The one he really wants will require a lot of time from him and with school and his lifting, it doesn't look like that will work out for him.  So, he has taken a job as a bus driver for the school district.  That way he will have time in the middle of the week days to go lifting.  That will be a good thing.  He is excited.  He will also be working with one of his mission companions too.  
Danielle has a few more days before she moved out.  She will be working at the same school she worked at last year, as well as working for a single mother caring for her two children from the time that the mother leaves for work up to the time school starts.  That means Danielle will take them to school.  It just so happens that the school is the same one Danielle will be working at.  So, that will be good.  She will be going to school full time in the evenings too.  She is going to be a busy girl!  
Curtis is working 4 days a week doing landscaping for one of the major companies in this area.  He works 10 hour days most days.  Once in a while he gets overtime, but usually not.  He is learning a lot and eating some crazy food for lunch.  He insists we all need to try spaghetti tacos.  I say YUCK!  I don't plan on trying those anytime soon.  AND he is learning all kinds of Spanish.  Mostly the bad words he says.  Sad, but true.  He is working for the same company his cousin Anthony worked for before he left on his mission.  All the young men on our street either are on missions speaking Spanish or have mission calls to areas they will be required to learn Spanish.  My oldest son is the only one that didn't go Spanish speaking on our street.  Everyone keeps telling Curtis (my second son) that he will be going to South America.  Kevin keeps telling him he is going to Korea.  I keep telling him Japan.  We do it just to bug him.  We know he will go wherever the Lord wants him to go.  But it's fun to think about and speculate about, at least until he is able to get his papers turned in.  He has to earn some money on his own before they will let him start his papers.  So, he should be gone by the end of the year sometime.  
My youngest will be a sophomore when school starts.  I can hardly believe that!  My baby!  Time flies when you are raising kids.  I feel like I have missed so much of my children's childhood.  I never got to be the stay at home mother who got them ready for school, who dropped them off and picked them up from school, and I never got to be here to help them get their homework done and choirs done before dinner time.  We have never really had a set routine in our home because things change all the time.  I try not to think about it, but sometimes those thoughts creep in.  I would have loved to have had the chance of being a stay at home mother.  In some ways I do feel robbed of that opportunity.  But at the same time, I am not one of those women who could sit around and do nothing when there are bills to be paid.  I never could just leave it all up to my husband.  Especially when I knew we needed two incomes to make it, and I would never expect my husband to work two jobs either, unless I was working at least one too.  Sure, I may not be superwoman.  I can't work full time, take care of my family and their needs, and have a perfectly clean showroom like home.  It's just too much for one person.  Sure, I could be a crazy, stressed out wife and mother chasing everyone around the house to put their things away, but that isn't realistic either.  I just don't want to be that person.  I know of such women and it isn't pretty to watch.  And to be quite honest, I was embarrassed for the mother and the children experiencing this.  So, how do you find a happy medium for this situation?  I am not sure.  This is something I am still working on.  One thing I do know is I need everyone in our families help to keep our home clean and functioning well.  One person cannot do it alone and it isn't fair to expect one person to do everything.  After all their are six, soon to be only 5, and even later only 4, able bodied adults (okay Kevin doesn't count right now.) that can help out.  
We have had the family home evening lessons where I have taken a backpack and given each person a brick to put inside the backpack.  Each brick represented something like shoes laying around the house.  As each person added their brick to the backpack they had to tell us the item the brick represented.  Then we closed the backpack and had everyone try to stand up and walk around the house a little with it on.  It was heavy.  It was too much for one person.  Then we talked about how much lighter the backpack would be if everyone put their own things away and did their part around the house to keep it up.  Anyway, you kind of get the idea.  My family got the idea then, but they all have gone back to their old habits.  How do I get my children to help out around the house and do their part?  I could take away cell phones and activities.  That would work.  I could do all of that, but how do I get them to do things without having to take their toys an activities away?  AND how to I get my adult children to pitch in.  Charge them rent? Sure, I could threaten that.  But they help me out with other things so much that they really don't need to pay rent.   I need to come up with other things.  I need to really think about how to get this to work so I do not become the crazy, stressed out mother.  I want my children to help out because they obviously can see there is something that needs to be done, so why not pitch in and help out.  Right?  It will come in time.  In fact, I know there will come a time when I will be wishing for these times again in my life.  Right now I have a laundry mountain and eventually it will become a little bump for Kevin and I.  Right now I have never ending dishes to wash and eventually every dish in the house will stay clean.  Right now my bathroom goes from having a revolving door because of all the baths and showers taken in it.  Eventually there will only be a couple showers taken.  Right now my family room has been taken over by two young men who constantly play video games.  Eventually that sound will no longer ring out in my home, except only when Kevin decides to play a game or two.  Right now the extra room added on to the back of our home has become a craft hub.  Eventually all of that will stop and it will become a workout room.  Isn't it funny how quickly things change?  I have to admit it, we have been very lucky to have children that enjoy being home with their family, even though they are certainly ready for big changes in their lives.  I am very happy they can at least stand to be around us.  That is a good thing.  I know my children get frustrated and sometimes very angry because of events in our lives.  I know this!  My children have been through a lot over the years, but I know they are great kids and they will be better people for having experienced some of these things.  Maybe they will be more compassionate with others they come in contact?  Maybe they will be able to sense that the person they are dealing with is in need of help when others could not see it?  I have no idea what these experiences mean for each of them.  I do know that I am glad they have not had everything handed to them over the years.  I am glad they have had to work for the things they want.  I think my children appreciate what they have received that much more when they have to work for it.  I also know that all of us have had to rely on the Lord more because of some of the things we have experienced.  We certainly are not perfect at this.  We have SOOO much more to do and to learn, but we are a little better than say a few months ago and that is a good thing.

As you know, I do not try to make you think that I am a perfect wife or mother.  I fall short in so many ways, but I am a work in progress.  Just like each of you.  I do know that I would not be where I am today if it was not for good parents, good leaders, and good friends.  We need each other to help.  I does take a village.  

Now that I have all the wedding flowers completed for my nephew, I can see my dining room table again.  I brought that door in Sunday night thinking I would be able to start sanding it down a little, but that hasn't happened.  I found this new painting technique I want to try on it and this blue paint I want to use.  I just need to get some chalkboard paint for the center.  Fun Fun!  I can't wait to get started on it.  Once the door is done I will post photo's of it.  I also want to paint the little bistro table I bought from a neighbor.  I need to get seats for it and material to cover the seats too.  These little projects should keep me busy until the next wedding.  Or until Danielle moves out.  Which ever comes first.  Danielle thinks I am going to have a hard time with her being gone.  I can't tell her she is right.  Honestly, I am going to probably have a little freak out session of my own, but don't tell her that.  The men folk will outnumber the women folk as soon as she leaves.  This move will give Lexi and I some time to hang out and spend time together.  This will be good.  :)
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