Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm a Puffer Fish

The swelling in my face has come down, but I feel so sick today.  That makes me think I got bit by something even though the doctor couldn't find the entry spot on my chin.  So sick to my stomach today.  

My cheek looked a little like this, but my chin was really bad.  It stuck out really bad and my lower lip was a mess.  At the point where my face was the puffiest I slurred my words.  Not good.  I was a mess.  So glad my face is getting back to normal today.  I wish I would have got photos of my chin, lower lip and cheek when they were the puffiest.  This photo was a fluke.  I just happened to get it with my phone by accident, I never intended to take photos.  Especially to post.  This was last night when the puffiness started to go down.  Looking back, I should have taken more pictures. I am still feeling sick to my stomach and really need to take a nap.  Hope your day is going well.  Talk to you soon.
 photo ae61ba47-7d78-4151-a87a-fbdf53851081_zps246d8efb.png
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