Saturday, July 19, 2014

Change of plans.

This has been a day of changing plans.  I had intended on meeting up with another bride to talk about the flowers she wants for her wedding in September, but that got pushed back to next weekend.  The bride and her mother, as well as the rest of her family, needed to hurry and go help their dad with something happening at the venue for the wedding.  They are using the backyard of this big house, which is the perfect place for the type of reception this bride is intending to have.  She wants a woodsy feel to the whole reception.  This back yard is big and it has 4 or 5 huge trees in just the right spots.  I think it will be very nice and I can't wait to see everything.  Even if I don't do the flowers, I still just want to see it all come together. 
The trees are far enough apart that there is plenty of room in the middle to add a tent, BUT instead of a tent they have decided to use a huge white parachute to shade and use to hang  chandeliers and whatever else comes along.  The family has this old swing they will be hanging in one of the trees and the brides father will be building a full size gazebo to use for the cake.  They have also borrowed these benches that have been constructed out of large tree logs.  The brides colors are pale pink, cranberry, navy blue, a touch of gold, and lots and lots of white.  She wants mostly white flowers with lots of greenery, touches of gold and touches of the other colors.  They have sections of tree branches to put candles on and whatever else we come up with.  The family had an old swing hanging from a tree in their own backyard, but their homeowners association sent them a letter telling them the swing had to go.  So, the swing has been set up under one of the big trees at the venue.  It will be really nice.  Last time I got a good look of the venue there were branches all over the middle yard waiting to be turned into mulch.  Today I think they all planted grass and created this above ground sprinkler system to keep the grass watered so the grass will stay nice and green for the reception.  It really will be nice when they get everything done.  I think its pretty cool that their entire family has come together to get this backyard ready for this reception. 

(this photo has nothing to do with the future wedding, I just thought it was cool)
Since I did not go to the brides home to discuss flowers today we decided to do some things here around the house.  We worked in the backyard and I went to get Curtis some new church shoes.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just shoes.  For the past several months he has been wearing his brother's shoes since they don't go to church at the same time anymore.  It's funny, Curtis has the largest feet in our home.  He wears a size 12.  When we got to the store Curtis tried on the size 12 and he said, "I look like I have clown shoes on."  I could not stop laughing.  That kid.  Then he tried on the size 11 shoes and they seemed to fit perfect.  Tomorrow he will be ordained to the office of an Elder.  We are pretty excited about this, but we weren't expecting it until a little bit down the road.  But that is okay. 
After we went shopping for shoes we had a few other things to get.  Home Depot and  Lowes were a couple of the stops along the way.  I finally got to the store to grocery shop tonight at 9:30 p.m.  I finally get to sit for a bit and relax.  I thought I was going to get the chance earlier today.  My symptoms came on with a vengeance again today.  Luckily I had some medicine the doctor gave me and that seemed to help.  Love that.  Danielle and I went to this fabric store we have never been to before.  It was so cool.  She wanted some lace she could use to put her jewelry on.  She has signed up for several boutiques in the valley and plans to spent several weekends selling her jewelry.  More power to her.  We found lace for 25 cents a yard.  So we got 20 yards of each color.  Then 10 yards of the gathered lace.  LOVE that!!!  It's been a weekend of great deals.  Yesterday Danielle and I found white floral garlands for $2.50 each.  I bought a few.  I plan to put them away for future use.  Love that kind of sale. 
I am part of a group that receives religious messages at work.  One person writes the emails and sends them out to the group.  This was the message they sent Friday.  I loved it and thought I would share it with you. 
People who live in Cherrapunji, India, have developed a unique way to get across the many rivers and streams in their land.  They grow bridges from the roots of rubber trees.  These "living bridges" take between 10 to 15 years to mature, but once they are established, they are extremely stable and last for hundreds of years. 
The Bible compares a person who trusts in God to "a tree by the waters, which spreads out its roots by the river." (Jeremiah 17:8)  Because it's roots are well-nourished, this tree survives soaring temperatures and during drought it continues to yield fruit.
Like a firmly rooted tree, people who rely on God have a sense of stability and vitality despite the worst circumstances.  In contrast, people who place their trust in other humans often live with a sense of instability.  The Bible compares them to desert shrubs that are frequently malnourished and stand alone (verse 6).  So it is with spiritual lives of people who forsake God.
Where are our roots?  Are we rooted in Christ? (Col. 2:7) Are we a bridge that leads others to Him?  If we know Christ, we can testify to this truth in many ways, and we can set good examples so when others look at us they will know where we are rooted.  Blessed are those who trust in the Lord. 
( Jer.17:7).
Jesus is all the world to me,
My life, my joy, my all;
He is my strength from day to day,
Without Him I would fall.
Even strong trials cannot blow down a person who is rooted in God.

I thought this was excellent.  In fact, it stopped me in my tracks as I read through it.  It got me thinking about many things.  I love the last portion of this...."Even strong trials cannot blow down a person who is rooted in God."  I talked about not feeling stressed the other day even though it seems that our world is crashing around us as we watch my husband and my children's father go through incredible pain and suffering.  Once in a while, old Kevin comes around, but for the most part, he is a shell of the man he use to be.  It's not easy to watch, and I am absolutely sure it is far worse to experience.  Even though we are experiencing all of this, I see how much the things that really matter are rising to the surface and all that is not needed or necessary has sifted to the bottom of our priority list.  All that really matters is that we are a united family.  All that matters is making sure our children are taken care of.  All that matters is that we are together.  Sure, all the other stuff is great and we love that too, but we have had to make some tough decisions.  We have had to say no to things we would prefer not to say no to.  We do it as part of a preservation plan for Kevin.  We do it because he simply cannot do what he use to do.  We do it because we do not have any other choice.  It's not easy.  We just do what we have to do.  Through it all, I see that we have gained strength.  Through it all we have become stronger together.  Through it all, we all stand together and that is impressive to me.

Last Sunday a friend of mine mentioned that someone said something rude to her as she came into the chapel at church.  Her and I talked about her experience and I shared mine with the same people in our ward.  To be perfectly honest, I am in shock that these individuals, who should know better, said what they said.  I told this friend maybe they thought they were being funny.  The comments were about my friend not showing up to church, and the comments to me were about our family not showing up to church very often.  My friend had a daughter and son-in-law speak in another ward one Sunday, a missionary farewell, and she has back issues and stayed home in pain herself.  Me, I stayed home because of my issues, Kevin's issues, and simply because I could not get myself out of bed.  I know that last one is not a good excuse.  I own that reason, because it is the truth.  This early church schedule is rough.  Especially when I get up at 4:30 a.m. every other morning and Saturdays are jam packed.  Sunday turns out being my only day to sleep in.  It isn't right, it just is.  I have changed a little bit, and hopefully it will get better.  Especially in January when the schedule changes.  :)  This friend said when this person said what she said she sat in Sacrament Meeting holding back the tears.  It was all she could do to get herself to church that day because her back was still giving her trouble.  I was talking to this friend a couple of days after this happened.  Luckily this friend is firmly rooted in the gospel and something like this will not bother her much more.  She is not the type to stop coming to church.  She is firmly rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that is ALL that matters.  
I think this little email should be shared with those people who said those things to my friend.  Are they the type of people who build bridges?  I know these people and they are usually nice people.  This is why I think they thought they were being funny or something and have no idea the hurt they have caused.  This is why we need to think before we speak and choose our words carefully.  Sometimes words can be a lethal weapon.  Let me get off my soap box now.  Can't we all just get along?  :)

It's getting late and I need to get my lesson out and review it again before tomorrow.  Have a good night and take the time to enjoy those people who mean the most to you.  Talk to you soon. 
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