Thursday, June 12, 2014

Life and Times at the Schmidt house

Since Curtis graduated High School he has got his driver's license and a really good job.  In fact, he will be working 4 ten hour days and have three day weekends.  Who could ask for a better schedule?  I am so jealous!!  We are so excited for him!  This means he will be able to start his mission papers with a week.  Woo Hoo!  That is awesome news!

Danielle has some time on her hands this summer with no school and not working at the Elementary School.  She has a part-time job that keeps her happy at least until she decides if she plans to keep it and work two jobs while attending school full time.  I don't know how she does it?  I know she gets frustrated, but even so, she still blows me away.

Kyle has been working full-time and just doing his weight lifting thing, and dating, of course.  He will sign-up for classes in the fall again too.  Last weekend he had another weight lifting competition and took gold for his weight class.  Here are a few photos.  One of Kyle on the podium and the other of his gold medal. 
His next competition will be at Nationals in New Mexico.  Go Kyle!!! 

As you know our family has had it's share of health issues lately.  Lexi found out the day before she was to start volleyball camp and weight lifting that she has carpal tunnel.  That means no weight lifting and no practice for her.  Just sitting on the sidelines for Lexi.  BUT, the hardest part for her was that she thought she wouldn't get to fish at Girl's Camp.  She was really looking forward to that.  Lexi has to be in two arm braces and rest her arm for at least 4 to 6 weeks or she will have to have surgery.  She is learning to get along and rest her arm so she won't end up with surgery.  

I too have had my health issues.  With all kinds of lab work, ultrasounds, and specialist visits.  Now I get to have two procedures done soon, with lots of prep work the day before.  All on the same day too.  OH FUN!!  I am hoping they will be able to figure me out.  I am tired of having this issue, it seems to happen at some of the weirdest times.  Just when I think things are getting back to normal, BAM!  It happens again and again and again.  No fun.

Kevin has trumped all of us, though!  About a week ago he was having some "issues" and we called his Pain doctor.  The doctor's instructions were to go to the emergency room, so we did.  They examined Kevin and did an MRI.  The MRI shows two blown discs just above the previous surgical site.  The ER Physician consulted with another surgeon who said Kevin needs another procedure but it wasn't an emergency at that point.  Since then Kevin has been to his pain specialist too for his normal routine check in.  The pain specialist increased the medicines and reviewed the same MRI scan Kevin had done in the emergency room.  As soon as the pain specialist saw it, he asked a few interesting questions and called Kevin's surgeon.  At that point an appointment with the surgeon was made.  WELL, it gets even better than this......Yesterday and today Kevin has had trouble urinating.  Which is never good for someone with back issues.  So, we called the pain doctor again.  I kept telling Kevin we needed to get him to the emergency room again, but he wouldn't go.  He wanted to wait for the pain doctor to return our calls.  

Yesterday Kevin tells Danielle that his back near his kidneys are hurting too, but makes Danielle promise to NOT tell me.  So, as I am sitting in a waiting room myself yesterday, Danielle tells me this.  So, I text Kevin to give him a hard time.  How dare he NOT tell me his issues are more than he just cannot pee!!!    The yellow portion of the message below is my text to Kevin telling him we were going to the ER that night.  The rest, the funny part, is Kevin's reply.

I cannot stop laughing at this.  Never a dull moment with this man!  I tried to post this to Facebook so all our friends could see just how crazy the man can be, but NO!!   He won't let me do that.  I have the text saved to my phone just so I can pull it up when I need a good laugh.  Too funny!  If you happen to see Kevin PLEASE DO NOT tell him you read this text.  Let's keep make this our little secret.  Thanks!  
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