Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY - Transfer prints on Galvanized Metal

I found a new transfer method!  This transfer method is done on galvanized metal.  I am SO excited!!!

I am using a new transfer gel and I thought I would share what I have found.
I was just experimenting and it worked out great the first time!  Woo Hoo!!!
I found this product on Pinterest called Omni Gel that I got from Amazon.

I followed the directions on the package.   It was super simple!  
Just a few coats on top of a print made from my computer.

I didn't reverse the print or anything!  After the coats of Omni Gel dried you just rub off the paper and all that is left is a plastic film of gel your print or picture on it. 

I then placed the print on the gel film onto the bucket and added another coat of Omni Gel over the top to stick the print to the bucket.  After the gel dried I had a perfect transfer!  I cannot wait to try this on something else!  Give it a try!  

 photo ae61ba47-7d78-4151-a87a-fbdf53851081_zps246d8efb.png
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