Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Changes....Next Exit, Please

This has been a crazy day.  In fact, this weekend has been weird too. 

 I am starting to realize that certain foods might be causing my issues.  For instance, I had a plain turkey sandwich about a two weeks ago and half an hour later, I was running for the bathroom.  Yesterday I tried a bean burrito, same thing....half an hour later, running for it.  We had salad a week ago, no problems.  I had chicken and rice on Saturday, no problem.  Who knows, I could be completely wrong.  After all, I am not a doctor.  I did go visit my doctor today.  I still have a bunch of lab work to do and an ultrasound to do tomorrow.  The doctor also wants me to keep a food diary until I go to the specialist in a few days.  Fun, fun!  I am so NOT looking forward to this at all.  Good thing their office called me several times to get me in there, otherwise I would have completely let that one slip by.  That is how much I do not want to go to this appointment.  

We had Lexi in to the doctor today too.  This is where the weird day comment above comes in.  I got up this morning around 5 a.m. and since I was still having issues, I called work.  Then around 7 a.m. the alarm went off again so I could wake Lexi up for her first day of weight/strength training from 8-10 a.m. and then volleyball camp from 10-12 p.m.  As it turns out, she didn't make it.  She has been complaining about her arm hurting pretty much all year.  It started out just being her wrist, now the pain goes all the way up her arm.  We had her into urgent care a while ago and they thought it was just a pinched nerve, and they gave her a prescription, and told us if it didn't get any better to get it checked out again.  It's bothered her off and on since the urgent care visit, but by the time we got around to calling the doctor it was better.  So we have flip-flopped about this for a couple of weeks now.  Last night Lexi went to bed with her arm hurting.  Then she couldn't sleep because her arm was hurting.  So, low and behold, it still hurt this morning and we went to the doctor.  The doctor checked her out and determined that she has carpal tunnel.  She said that if she doesn't rest her arm now those tendons in her wrist will get so inflamed that her only option will be surgery. Who wants that?  Needless to say, Lexi will be going to weight/strength training and volleyball, but she will not be participating much until her wrist heals.  She also leaves for Girls Camp Wednesday.  She was really looking forward to actual camping and fishing too.  Now she will just need to take it easy and use her other arm if she wants to fish.  Believe it or not, Lexi writes with her left hand, but serves the volleyball with her right hand.  When she plays softball she bats right handed, but when she plays golf, she golfs left handed.  Her Grandfather did that too.  If memory serves me he would write with his right hand, and play softball and baseball with his left.  (my husband is asleep, so I can't ask)  Funny how that happens.  Lexi can write with both hands she just needs a little more practice with her right.  These next few weeks she just might get that chance. 

We are hopeful we will have some good news to share about Curtis in the next couple of days.  He was expecting something today, but it didn't happen.  We hare hopeful tomorrow he will get the answers he has been looking for.  As soon as we hear, I will let you know.  (fingers and toes crossed)

 So this day has had all kinds of twists and turns, that's what makes it completely crazy!  One minute you think you are going one direction, and then everything changes.  

It's late and I need to get to sleep.  Tomorrow is going to be another fun day too.  Tests, tests and more tests.  Even with our challenges, life is good.  After all, it's these twists and turns on life's path that keep things interesting.  

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