Monday, June 9, 2014

All Because Two People Fell in Love

Let the fun begin....
My nephew, Anthony got engaged pretty much as soon as he got home from his mission.  He is engaged to a sweet girl and their wedding is planned for August. 

Soon after Anthony became engaged I got a call from my sister-in-law asking if I would be willing to do the wedding flowers.  Of course I will do the wedding flowers.  Try and stop me.  Ha ha.  Whenever I do the flowers for a family member I always give them my "family discount".  So my sister-in-law dropped off all the flowers and here is a photo of the bucket.  All of this simply because two people fell in love.  A chain of events have been set in place and this is only the beginning.  

This is the bucket so far.  There are more flowers to come.  Since the flowers are in such a huge tote, I had to find a place in the house to keep the flowers safe and out of the way until I decide to start working on things.  The bride and groom need to come over and give their final okay before I get started.  Plus I haven't been feeling well, and I am just not up to getting things out just yet.  Soon though, I hope.  I have an appointment with a specialist tomorrow.  I just hope they figure me out and I won't have to have a procedure or something done.  ARG!  

Here is another shot of the flowers on my window seat.  The bucket pretty much covers half of the window seat.  It's a huge bucket. 

Since the flowers have arrived in my home this is what has also shown up at my home...
This needs paint and a few other things.

AND.... this needs paint and a few other things.

AND... this needs paint too.....and seats.


Okay....maybe not the shelf, but the tin ceiling tiles and the finials might be used for decoration and my chicken wire frame.   We will see.

AND, 16 of make bases for the centerpieces.  Don't worry, the cans will be covered.  No one will ever know we started with cans.

AND, a bunch of these.....


Fall leaves and flowers.  Not these exact flowers or leaves.  (I wish I could find leaves this color)  BUT not flowers this color either....not orange.  You get the idea, though.  All of this  so we can make some centerpieces.  I have a lot to do. 

 I need to get things squared away with myself and then we will think about wedding.  I have a lot of things I want to change around here in the house too.  We need to swap bedrooms and move the dog kennel to the room off the back of the house.  I also need to move some other things to the room off the back of the house too.  That will help clear up my dining room.  Hopefully the girls will get along okay together.  It seems like every time I think I have time to have my children get busy and work on things around the house, someone else comes along needing help.  Half the time the things I need help with around the house are put off to help the other person.  Which is fine for a while, but I have got to get these kids working on my yard, their rooms, and a few other things around here. 
It will happen eventually.  My time will come.  :)  

It's time to get to bed.  I am worn out.  Today has been a crazy day full of fun doctor's visits and lab work too.  
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