Monday, May 5, 2014

To do....

Danielle and I woke up this morning with more stomach fun.  So, we both ended up at the doctor today.  Fun lab tests are on the agenda for tomorrow.  Fun, fun!  I just hope this all stops soon since Wednesday is my birthday.  I would hate to have all this stomach fun on my birthday.  

Lexi went to Urgent Care, just to check out her head.  Better safe then sorry.  How she hit the top of her head on the wood floor Saturday is beyond me.  Her volleyball season is over, except for a camp at the beginning of the summer.  The camp lasts for two weeks, but Lexi will miss a few days for Girls Camp.  She is very excited to be a 4th year.  More fun!  (this is the real kind of fun, though)  :)

I have so much to do lately.  With us all being sick over the past week my house needs a lot of attention.  Starting with everything.  The doctor said the reason we were feeling so drained is because our bodies are trying to tell us to stay down and rest.  I hope tomorrow is better.  I hope we do not have this stuff tomorrow and the "fun" labs turn up with good results. (I'm crossing my fingers)  Did I mention I was getting sick of daytime TV and Netflix.  So, not good!  This illness could not have come at a worse time.  ARG!!  It makes me ask why.  Which is not always the best way to handle this.  I need to ask other types of questions.  Not why, but maybe what.  Things to think about.  Thinks to ponder.  Things to search out.  Try to not let my emotions get in the way, so I can listen.  Listen for the answers.  Listen to that still small voice.  :)

 I did make a little list I thought I would share.  Here you have it....

Feel free to download it and use it.  It's for personal use only.  Enjoy.  Have a good night.  
More tomorrow.  And hopefully good news!  

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