Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Here are a few photos of me..for Throwback Thursday.
These go WAY Back....

The photo above is of me and my dad.  This was taken right after my parents brought me home from the hospital.

Me and my Mom and Dad at Webb AFB, Texas

Me feeding one of our dogs Ice-Cream, I think.  

Me trying to look cool.  LOL!

Me and my Grandmother at her house in Michigan.

Me on my Grandparent's riding lawn mower in Michigan

Dad and I taking a little train ride.

Easter with my little brother, Shaun
Disneyland!  Me holding my sister Susan, Mickey and my brother Shaun.
I think this was the stop at Disneyland we made on our way to our new home on
Vandenberg AFB, California.  I had 1 month left of my 6th grade year of Elementary School.

This is me ATTEMPTING to play softball.  I think I was still in Junior High.
This was me the day of my High School graduation.
My father retired from the Air Force at the end of my Junior year of High School.
We moved back to Arizona, so I attended Mountain View my Senior Year.

Happy Thursday! 

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