Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Something to Think About

It's been an interesting couple of weeks with a couple visits to Urgent Care, three visits to our Primary Care, and lab work of every kind.  Just when you think you are getting better this stuff comes back with a vengeance.  I am worn out and totally ready to be done with all of this.  Today was no different that the past couple of weeks.  I woke up feeling bad and called work.  My poor team.  I couldn't go back to sleep.  Shortly after that the kids got up for school.  After they left for school I feel asleep and did not wake up until 1:30 p.m.  I was nauseated.  Probably the longest nap I have EVER had in my life.  Around 2:30 p.m. I jumped in the shower, got dressed and had to throw up all over again.  Then the diarrhea started again.  Not fun!  I am tired of being sick and worn out.  However, through it all I know things could be worse.  I can see the so called silver lining through all of this....and I am grateful for the blessings I have.  Thank goodness I OR any member of my family, have not had to be hospitalized for this. Danielle was out for two weeks with this stuff too, and still feels bad.  She said when she went back to work Monday that kids at the school were in the hospital with this stuff.  Not fun!!  Whatever this is.  

Last night as I was praying for help and guidance from my Heavenly Father I asked several questions.  The question of why never came to my mind.  I did ask for this to pass and for answers to many things.  This morning to pass the time I was reading a post by a fellow blogger in blog land, and stumbled across a little more information about Esther from the Old Testament.  I love the story of Esther.  I always have.  In fact, I keep a little pamphlet in my scriptures written by Sister Hinckley and she talks about Esther in depth.  Today the article I read had some interesting things to say about Esther.  Here is a little bit of what I found on this site:, written by Heather Farrell who is an accomplished author too. 

Esther's story is really quite scandalous. It is full of divorce, virgins, eunuchs, women trying to win the queenhood by pleasing the King in bed, harems, seduction, concubines, murder plots, political schemes, executions, and mass murders. I've heard people question the wisdom of hanging her picture up in the Sunday School class rooms of the Young Women. Is she a good role model of them considering her highly scandalous story?
Despite the questionable content of her story I think that the Esther/Hadassah story is an incredible story that has a lot of potential to teach us about who we are and remind us of our divine nature. There are two parts of her story that especially stand out to me. The first is when Mordecai, clothed in his sack cloth and ashes asks Esther to risk her life by supplicating the King on behalf of he Jews and tells her" ... who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" (4: 12-13)

I'm sure that Esther's life did not turn out like she had imagined. I doubt that being carried off to the royal palace to become the King's concubine was in her life plan. I can only imagine the devastation she felt at being torn from her family and her way of life and being thrown into a wicked and dangerous situation. In a very real way Esther's becoming queen, instead of having to live out her life as one of the hundreds of concubines in the Kings harem, was a deliverance from God. She was incredibly blessed and consequently was in just the right position to save the entire Jewish nation. Even though God is never specifically mentioned in the story, it is pretty obvious that He is the one directing and guiding Esther's life.

This is my favorite part about what Heather says and in a way she helped to answer some of my prayers.  Not completely, but through here I know that my Heavenly Father heard my prayer and is very much aware of my concerns, and I know answers will come in his time.  Read on.....

I think sometimes we don't realize how carefully God orchestrates the intricacies of our lives. He grants us blessings and privileges, not just because we have earned them through our faithfulness, but because he knows we can be of service in his divine work. Many of us are in the families, the communities, the nations, the jobs and the callings we have because, like Esther, we have been carefully placed there for "such a time as this." I don't believe that with God anything is coincidence. He knows each and everyone of us intimately, he knows our weaknesses, our strengths and what we have the potential to do. He is in perfect control of the Universe and sees us not as mere mortals but as eternal beings with great and powerful missions to accomplish. I believe that many of us are put here on Earth to finish the work we began in the pre-existence. I also believe that God puts us in places here on Earth where only we can do the work that He needs done and like Esther we have the opportunity to reject or accept that work.

The other powerful phrase of the Esther story comes when she, in the face of almost certain death, chooses to accept the work the Lord has for her and says, "... so will I go unto the king, which is not according to the law, and if I perish, I perish (4: 16)". She was a true woman of courage and faith. She was asked to do something hard, really hard, and she did it through faith in God and in His power. What type of trial would it take in your life to make you feel you needed to fast, and ask everyone you knew to fast, for three days? Would you have the faith to walk into an impossible situation with faith? Personally I don't know if I would and so Esther's example of courage and faith is especially powerful for me.

So despite the scandalous nature of her story, which if you remember the time period in which she lived isn't quite as scandalous, I think that Esther/Hadassah is a powerful example for our Young Women. She reminds us that when our lives doesn't go as we planned we need to look for God's hand in our lives. Instead of despairing at lost dreams we need to look around us and find out why God has put us where we are. We need to ask our selves what work He has for us that only we can do and like Esther we need to accept that work and go forward with courage, prayer and fasting.

I am so grateful that people like Heather Farrell have taken the time to write their blog.  She is wonderful and I appreciate her efforts in trying to make us all aware of how many different women are mentioned in all the scriptures.  She is amazing and so very needed during at this time.  AND more than the words she has shared, I love that by the things she has said a few years back, she is helping me today.  Thank you Heather Farrell for taking the time to record these things on your blog.  Isn't technology amazing?!!!  I love it. 
Enough said.  
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