Sunday, May 25, 2014

Let Summer Begin....

Today has been a wonderful day.  The weather was awesome!  I hope it stays this way all weekend.  I love it!!  For some time now I have been hoping to purchase some new couches.  A sectional for our family room and a couch and a love seat for our living room, but I haven't been able to work that into our budget.  We really need a new couch for the family room, it's ready to be retired.  I can probably live with the living room set for a little while longer.  Besides, I have to actually find what I want first.  That could take some time.  

Since I can't run out and pick up new couches just yet, I decided to move everything out of the living room and give the room a good cleaning.  That is my favorite way to clean the room.  It sounds like a lot, but it is actually easier to wipe down the walls and baseboards that way.  Not to mention, it's a lot easier to vacuum too.  Then I can change things up as I go too.  One thing I wanted to add was a spot to put keys and wallets.  It's no fun hunting for keys or your wallet when you are running late in the morning.  I have this tray I wasn't using.  In fact, I completely forgot all about it.  I pulled that out and put it on the sofa table behind my love seat.  It almost matches the tables perfectly.  I love it.  

Then I changed up some of the pictures I had hung on the walls.  Danielle picked up a couple easels that were on sale at Hobby Lobby the other day.  Danielle picked them up to help out her cousin's future bride.  Now before I go any further let me say this.  Danielle and I have been picking up things here and there when things are on sale for a future wedding reception she will hopefully have some day.  We are doing this partly because we know weddings can be expensive and we know we need to spread the cost out a little.  Now in the past Danielle would not let anyone borrow the stuff she has simply because she wants those things to just be for her.  The other day we were talking about her cousin's future bride and her family.  I told Danielle I totally understand the situation her family is in and the budget.  Our family would be in the same situation if we were planning a wedding right now.  I told Danielle that because of that, I will help them anyway I can.  So, Danielle decided to follow suit and has given me permission to share some of the things we have set aside with this bride.  That was the whole reason we even went to Hobby Lobby, just to pick up the easels so this family could borrow them, which I think is awesome.  Danielle has had an attitude change, that's the best part!  So, since we have two easels, I have put one in the corner of my living room with a small picture of Christ on it, just to make it stand out a little more than the other photos.  I moved my sofa table and love seat just under out big bay window and I think I like it!!!  I think this arrangement opens up the room again and now I don't feel so cramped.  Now to get the exercise equipment out of here too....and the dog kennel too.  Before we move the kennel, we will need to move the girls into the same room.  That's right, we are going to have them share a room again.  Then we can make the room right off the dining room a kennel, exercise, craft room, which makes sense to me.  Then the craft cart could be moved out of here too.  LOVE it!!!!

Each summer our ward does the S.T.O.M.P. program.  We have participated in it several times, but last summer we didn't.  We tried to get going, but we always seems to be playing catch up.  For me, I would have had to read the entire book that last month.  I got stuck in the beginning and never moved on from there.  This summer we want to participate but I thought I would try something new.  We have several unmarked copies of the Book of Mormon that we have picked up at thrift stores.  I always look through the books at the thrift store for church books, just to see what they have, and sometimes I purchase them.  It's been fun.   So, back to my idea.  I want to read an unmarked copy of the Book of Mormon.  That way, nothing will influence or hinder me from learning something new as I read.  Then as I read along I will records my thoughts and mark those things that impress me in the margins and eventually move my thoughts to my nice leather set.  My main reason for doing this is to get closer to my Heavenly Father.  To learn more.  To receive personal revelation.  Whatever happens, I know the benefits far outweigh the alternatives.  

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