Saturday, May 3, 2014

Change of plans

Today I was planning on getting up early.  Today I was planning on traveling to Buckeye.  Today I was planning on watching Lexi play in her final tournament of the season.  Today I ended up staying home.  Today I am staying close to the bathroom.  Today I am still experiencing some residuals from whatever this is.  Today I am sad and frustrated!  I wanted to be with my husband watching our youngest daughter play Volleyball.  Apparently, that is not what happened.  I am bummed!  Kyle went with Kevin this time.  Kyle had other plans for today too.  He had training today.  He needed to go since he missed a couple of days this week because he was sick too.  
I appreciate my son for completely changing his plans to help us out.  He is pretty awesome!  Kyle is not always the type of young man to talk about his feelings.  He is the type of young man to SHOW you how he feels.  He is the type of young man that leads by example.  We love him!  He is awesome!  Thank you Kyle for being there today.

Kevin did call about an hour ago.  Apparently, Lexi's team has played very well today!  They won their first two matches today.  Now they are in the GOLD bracket.  There are only 6 teams in this bracket and that means they will walk away from this tournament in one of the 6 tops spots in their division.  There are approximately 45 spots in any division.  How cool is that???!!!!!  I hope they do well.  I am hoping and praying they make it the number one spot!!!  Wouldn't that be awesome????  Go Mesa Volleyball Club - Team 15!!!!  Go, go, go!!!  

Kevin said he would take a few pictures today.  I will share those later one.  So, while I sit here on pins and needles and running for the bathroom here and there, I am trying to stay busy.  Doing a little cleaning and watching Netflix.  What a day.  (I know, get a life.)  

Now Danielle is throwing up and has diarrhea again too!  What the heck??!!!  Why is this happening to us?  ARG!!!

I found this today, and thought I would share.  Love it!!!
Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy your day!
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