Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Busy Times

Mother's Day is right around the corner.  My oldest son's birthday is coming soon too.  Not to mention our youngest son will be graduating from High School and Seminary too.  Next month we have Father's Day, Girls Camp, Lexi's birthday, Kevin's birthday and it is time to get ready to have another missionary in our family.  We have a lot to do.  All of these things are wonderful times in our lives.  That last one is the most important one of all.  A missionary!  These are exciting times. 

 I love the thought of another missionary, even if I am still struggling to comprehend that my youngest son is at that age all ready.  It hardly seems possible.  It seems that Curtis has grown up completely in the shadows of his older sister and brother, all of which has happened so fast.  He is my inquisitive child.  He always had questions as a child.  He was so inquisitive I remember him sneaking outside on several occasions to go explore and find out where his older sister and brother could be.  He wanted to be right there with them and he wanted to know everything.  In the middle of it all with the big kids.  I remember one time after I got home from working the graveyard shift at work.  Kevin had left for work and I had locked the doors and made sure the latch at the top of the door was secured.  I fell asleep on the couch in our living room.  I was awakened by Danielle who was asking me where Curtis was.  You see he had pulled a chair up to the door and unlatched the top lock.  When I went outside he was no where to be found.  I was mortified at the thought of losing my son.  I remember we searched high and low for Curtis and I also remember standing on the sidewalk balling my eyes out in sheer panic.  Curtis was only 2 or 3 when he tried this, and this happened right after a young girl went missing and was never heard of again here.  (very sad)  You can imagine the thoughts running through my head as I pleaded with my Heavenly Father to bring my little boy back home to us.  I no sooner opened my eyes and my prayer was immediately answered.  About a block down the street was Curtis in the arms of a women I had never seen before that day, and I never saw her again.  She said she kept asking Curtis where his home was and he kept pointing in our direction, so she scooped him up and started walking with him.  To this day I still do not know who that woman was.  It was clear that she was not a resident of our neighborhood.  She appeared to be a homeless women to me.  I wish I would have stopped to talk to this women more that day.  I wish I would have taken the time to really thank her for her kindness and get to know her a little more.  That day, she was like an angel to me.  It's funny how prayers are usually answered by someone else we come in contact with.  This women was the answer to my prayer.  

Later as Curtis grew up, and as he learned, he began to stop asking so many questions, and started telling all of us about everything he knew.  Curtis has a thirst for knowledge.  If his teachers make learning fun for him, he will excel every time!  He takes in every drop they have to offer and then is left thirsting for more.  This desire to know, to learn, comes so easily for Curtis, and he is hardly aware of the gift he has been given.  Isn't that the case for a lot of us?  I can see my sons potential so clearly.  I can even see some of what I know my Heavenly Father sees in my son as well.  Yet, Curtis is still not aware of how blessed he truly is.    I know that it can be a hard thing to live up to.  Knowing what everyone else sees.  Knowing what everyone else is expecting of you.  It can be hard trying to make decisions in your life, wondering if you are making the right ones.  Sometimes no decision at all may seem like the best option at times.  I know Curtis feels this.  For some, this would over shadow everything, but not for Curtis.  Curtis loves life.  He is content to spend time with his older brother.  They are very close, and I love that!  I remember when Curtis was born, Kyle was not too sure of having a new little brother.  I thought for sure we would experience some rough patches, but we haven't.  Sure they argue and fight, but in the end they are the best of friends.  Sometimes I wish I could have had that kind of relationship with my sisters or my brother.

Curtis is a very tender hearted young man.  He is not the type to boast about anything.  In fact, I have never heard him do this with his friends.  Curtis is not afraid to show his emotions, but at the same time I believe he internalizes a lot.  Sometimes too much.  He cares about others and he really does try to not cause us grief.  I think because he knows the struggles we have had as a family.  He doesn't want to add to that.  He has a sense of humor and will often catch us when we least expect it with something funny.  He does talk a lot.  He has a gift for gab, that is for sure.  That gift will hopefully help him as he serves on his mission and later in life as he continues to do whatever the Lord has in store for him.  We love this young man, and are proud of him no matter what comes his way.  Enough said.  

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  Danielle and I went to the lab today to pick up our kits.  OH MY GOSH!!!  When we signed in at the lab and as the technician read our lab slips we all had a little chuckle about the lovely test we get to do.  She even told us that she had to help her boyfriend with his one time too.  She then made a comment that they were not that close either.  We all laughed and then we sat down so they could gather all the things we will need for our tests.  The lab tech called us up after about 5 minutes and took us back to a room I have never been in before.  She was carrying two plastic grocery bags (one for each of us) full of containers.  ON MY GOSH!!!  What fun! Isn't modern medicine amazing?  LOL!!!  

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