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A Concussion, A Grant, A Concert, & Cards

Here is a photo of our daughter's volleyball team.  

Coach Katie is in the middle.  The team finished in the Gold Division.  They placed 6th out of 72 total teams.  Which is awesome since the team was 33rd or 43rd (or something) last year.  We are proud of these girls.  They played well and worked hard to reach this goal.  If you were wondering....Lexi is the first girl on the left.  Kevin said Lexi played really well during the first two matches.  The last match, Kevin says, not so much.   That is when it happened....
You see, Lexi is the libero of the team.  Which means she dives for the ball a lot.  She plays the entire court.  Her position is usually defense, but she is there to back up every play.  Bottom line, she works the entire court throughout a game.  She plays hard!!.  So, yesterday she went to dive and hit her head on the hard wood floors.  We thinks she has a mild concussion.  So, we did the head injury thing.  She came home, got some Tylenol, ice and had to stay up for several hours after this crazy day.  (Usually she comes home and goes right to bed.)  Once she was finally able to fall asleep, we woke her up every hour on the hour until she woke up this morning.  Kevin sent Lexi this photo yesterday and told her she needs to start wearing this kind of gear for each volleyball match.  
(Lexi wearing her brother's football helmet.)

Kyle went out with his cousin last night.  They went to a concert to see the group Vocal Point.  
It was nice for Kyle.  He got to talk with one of the members of the group who served with Kyle on his mission, and Kyle got to see some old friends that live here too.  He needed that.  Vocal Point performed at Highland High School.  The place wasn't packed either.  I was surprised at that.

Curtis stayed home with me yesterday.  He was asked to be down at the church at 8 a.m. to clean the church.  He wouldn't get up when I tried to wake him up. ARG!  He stayed up too late the night before.  I couldn't sleep and he was up just as late as I was.  I was up until about 1 a.m.  Not good.
This morning Danielle got an email from ASU.  The email was telling her that they are going to give her a grant for school based on her GPA.  How cool is that?  This girl has been stressing over things this past month.  We paid for her first semester of school.  After that, Danielle has put herself through school.  She recently changed jobs and has been working at school, which has been great for her.  She has had free nights and weekends and it has been wonderful for her.  The only hard part about working at a school is that the summers she does not work, and since she is not a full-time employee she cannot get paid through the summer.  So, Danielle has been stressing about money.  How was she going to pay for her car through the summer, that kind of thing.  Recently she took a job at Firehouse Subs.  So the summer job thing has been solved.  BUT the news this morning has been absolutely wonderful!  A grant for school!!!  This is awesome news.  Danielle works very.  Very hard!!  We are excited for her and this news.  This makes all that she has worked for so very worth it.  Especially when others have asked her why it has taken her so long to get through school.  They have no idea how determined this girl is to get this done.  They have no idea what this girl has been through to get where she is now.  They have no idea!  None.  I wish I could say Danielle had rich parents.  Parents that could put her through school. (I wish we could) But she doesn't.  However, this girl appreciates and values her education like no one else I have seen.  I believe it is because she has put in the hard work, because she has been determined since Junior High School, and because she knows what she wants and will not stop until she reaches that goal.  
This morning it seems that this sickness has finally stopped.  I am so glad.  We missed so much last week.  Danielle stayed home from work yesterday too.  She got sick at about 2 p.m. yesterday.  Today she seems to be better too.  This stuff is not good.  Not good at all.   
I stumbled across this article about face cards in an old article in the New Era Magazine.  My husband tells a story about how his youth leaders tried to teach them all a lesson about playing cards one time.  They leaders were intending to take all of the young men's loot (not actual money), but as it turns out...the young men actually took all the leaders loot in the game.  Classic, right!?!?
Another story he shares was when he was at a friends home and they were sitting at their kitchen table playing a card game with face cards.  When the friends father came home they all scattered and ran to hide.  You see their family rule was that they did not use face cards in their home.  
I don't remember face cards in my home either.  In fact, I remember my parents telling me we shouldn't use face cards, but I do not remember why.  Here is what that article in the New Era says about face cards....

“How should I feel about playing cards?”

Answer/Brother Boyd R. Thomas October 1984
This question is really a double one. It may be asked either as “How should I feel about playing games with cards?” or “How should I feel about playing cards?” There is a substantial difference between playing games which use cards to give directions and instructions and playing games which use the ancient, double-faced cards, sometimes called “playing cards.” The nature of the cards used is an important distinction.
The playing of games in the family setting—both the active, outdoor type and the more sedentary, indoor kind—I view as great teaching aids. By this means personality traits may be developed and children learn acceptable ways to interact with others. For example, it has been important to me to teach my children how to handle defeat or disappointment. Games have been invaluable for this.
The two most common criticisms of card playing have been, first, that it is a waste of time, and second, that it tends to end in gambling. Both criticisms are valid because, while extremes, they too often occur. Writing at a time before the advent of excessive TV viewing, which is the modern time waster, and before the coming of extensive state-sponsored lotteries, which today enhance the tendency to gamble, some of our General Authorities have spoken out against card playing. Let us consider what President Joseph F. Smith said:
“While a simple game of cards in itself may be harmless, it is a fact that by immoderate repetition it ends in an infatuation for chance schemes, in habits of excess, in waste of precious time, in dulling and stupor of the mind, and in the complete destruction of religious feeling. … There is the grave danger that lurks in persistent card playing, which begets the spirit of gambling, of speculation and that awakens the dangerous desire to get something for nothing.
“One’s character may be determined in some measure by the quality of one’s amusements. Men and women of industrious business-like, and thoughtful habits care little for frivolous pastimes, for pleasures that are sought for their own sake. It is not easy to imagine that leading men in the Church would find any pleasure that was either inspiring or helpful at the card table” (Gospel Doctrine, 5th ed., Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1939, p. 329).
Elder John A. Widtsoe has given a useful perspective:
“It must be added that relaxation from the regular duties of the day is desirable and necessary for human well-being. Wholesome games of recreation are advocated by all right-minded people. Moreover, the … objections [to card playing] are not directed against the many and various card games on the market not employing the usual ‘playing cards.’ Most of these furnish innocent and wholesome recreation, and many are really instructive. It is true that they may be played to excess, but in fact it seldom happens. This is true even when such cards are used in games imitating those with ‘playing cards.’ It is true that such cards may be used for gambling purposes, but in fact it is almost never done. The pall of evil seems to rest upon the ‘playing cards’ handed down to us from antiquity” (Evidences and Reconciliations, Murray & Gee, 1943, pp. 218–19).
While it is best to avoid the use of “playing cards,” my personal experiences indicate that our family has enjoyed many benefits from playing games with cards. At a time when amusements are generally enjoyed alone, for example TV viewing and video game playing, we in our family like to play card games together. It has been both unifying and has provided the arena for much give and take. All in all, playing card games has given us many delightful moments.

Former Stake President, Idaho Falls Idaho Ammon West Stake
He makes a good point.  Now I know.  I get it.  Just thought I would share.  Enjoy your day. Our life has its ups and downs, this is true, but life is good.  

FAMILY:  We may not have it all together, but together 
we have it all.  
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