Monday, April 28, 2014

Man Down! Man Down!!

We had an unexpected guest come to our home today, or this weekend.  Mr. Flu Bug came a callin'.  See him below.  He doesn't look so nice, and believe me his looks tell it all....Mr. STOMACH Flu Bug is his name.  UGH!!

I woke up this morning and had to go right back to bed because the Bug looked at me and said...

I got you, Sondra.  Yep and...

I got Danielle and Kevin too.  Then he must have got Curtis later than the rest of us, cuz I had to go pick Curtis up from school because he got sick too. I hate it when we are all sick. Lexi had something Saturday because she came home early from the Mall with her friends complaining that her stomach was not feeling good.  I think she was attacked by Mr. Flu Bug at the Mall or her friends past him off to her.  Not cool!  Below is a picture of what Kevin looks like right now.  

Mr. Flu Bug got old man, Kevin.  He can't even keep his regular medicine down right now.
Me, well I'm the Mom.  Mom can never really be sick.  I still am the one to run errands and take care of everyone else.   I just look like an furry.  LOL!!!

And instead of a hot drink I have a big bottle of water with me.  Slippers, yes!!  Gotta have the slippers. Below is a picture of Curtis.  He came home and went right to bed.  I think all of us have slept the entire day away.  Now we are all up and the stomachs are still not good.  

Here is Danielle.  The sicky.  She has not moved from her bed all day long.

We tried a little food.  We will see what that does.  EEK!  I just read on-line that activated charcoal capsules help to get rid of the flu.  (10-12 capsules)  You take it right when your stomach starts getting yucky and you may still need to run for the bathroom, but it only happens once or twice instead of the 4-8 times we have all had today.  It just so happens that I have a bottle of activated charcoal in my medicine cabinet right now.  I wish I would have known this earlier this morning.  Did you know activated charcoal also helps if you get a spider bite or a snack bite?  I didn't know that either.  Activated charcoal can be really messy if you take it out of the capsules.  (Just so you know)  But it will help draw out the poison if you get bit by a spider or snake when applied topically and left.  Of course, you will still need to seek medical treatment for these bites, but the charcoal does help.  You may also want to call poison control for more info.  

So, moral of this story, if you get sick with the flu...try activated charcoal.  If you were planning on visiting our family I say stay away for a while.  We wouldn't want to give the flu to anyone.  And in the words of our Walgreen's Pharmacist, Be well.  :)

QUOTE: Never underestimate your problem or your ability to deal with it. --Robert Schuller
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