Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More Books!!!

Books, books, books!!!  Yesterday as I was getting ready to leave work for the day they were passing out books.  This is the fifth book I have received since I started working at this firm.  This last one is all about retiring and what you need to know after fifty.  I love that we all get copies of these book.   Pretty cool, right?

Danielle goes to school and reads and reads and reads.  She LOVES to read.  Today she got to meet another author.  This is her second time meeting the author of this book.

It's a book about Zombies.  Danielle now 
Has her book signed twice.  Take a look.

The signature at tgthe bottom is pretty light, but he signed it April Fools, Tom Leveen.  

Danielle is building quite a little library of 
Books signed by the authors.  Her Professor knows all the authors of most of the books the class is required to read in the class and he gets them to either visit the class or the class goes to the "exclusive" book signings.  Tom Leveen is a local author.  He grew up in Phoenix and attended Camelback High School and later ASU.  (I'm not a fan of Zombie books, but meeting the author is still pretty cool.  My book from work isn't signed by the auauthor.  I'm jealous!!!)

Lexi is off to Volleyball Practice tonight.  when we dropped her off her Coach was pulling into the parking lot.  The Coach is prregnant and her due date is the 4th.  She looks really tired.  I know she must be feeling it.  I hope that new little one comes soon, but I know he will get here when it's his time.   I can't wait to see him.  :)

Tomorrow, hopefully, will be a WONDERFUL day!  I'm crossing my fingers.  Oh, but if it turns out the way we are expecting, it will be SOOOOO  exciting!!!  Love it!  

Just a little insight to Sondra.  If I "clam up" and do not talk.  It's usually a defensive move to protect myself from being hurt more, and from possibly busting out crying or yelling.  It's not because I think I am above or better then you by any means.  It is only a protective move and that's all.  Is it the best way to handle things, probably not.  Just sayin....

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