Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Doodle, doodle, doodle

It's been a very slow day.  Still feel like a truck ran over me and then backed up to roll back over me.  Lexi and Curtis went back to school today.  Danielle is out of the house this afternoon.  Kevin is still getting over it.  Kyle stayed home from work again today too.  
Our bishop stopped by the check on us.  He said he had the same stuff over Easter and it should last about three days.  Good news, right??  I sure hope so.   I don't think I have let this spot in three days except for bathroom breaks.  Ugh!  Today I doodled a little.  Just me and my Sharpie markers.  Wanna see???

This is one of many today.  This is how it all started....

I doodle to pass the time or to get my mind off of things.  I think this is a habit I learned from my mother.  I remember finding her notepads full of doodles.  She would doodle all kinds of things.  I usually write letters  You know the alphabet in various fonts or try to come up with my own font style.  Did you know there are programs you can download that will help you develop your own font...that's right your own style.  I haven't tried it out yet myself, but maybe later when I feel better.  But for now, I doodle.  Doodle, doodle, doodle.

Here is something else I doodled today.

I have a whole stack of paper full of my doodles.  Some I ripped up.  Some are still sitting her.  I think it would be fun to incorporate some mixed media type stuff with it someday.  You know, with paint, paper, and whatever else I can get my hands on.  Get creative.  :)
My daughter things i should develop my own stationary or something.  
But for now, I doodle.  Doodle, doodle, doodle.  

I need to get some good markers.  You know, the kind you find at the craft store...not the dollar store.  OR some good colored pencils.  Now those can cost a small fortune.  Once I get a good set, I will need to hide them from the rest of the family.  Otherwise, they will use them and then when it's time for me to use them, they will either be gone or dried out, or something.  This is what happens when you have children who like to get creative too.  They use your supplies.  This is a proud moment for my Mother and my Father. (yes, Dad is creative too) Why you say, well I use to use their supplies when I lived at home.  I'm sure they would tell you countless stories about how I used this or that, and then when they needed it, it was gone or dried out, or messed up, or something.  I know what you are saying......this is my payback for doing this to my parents.  Well, you are probably right.  But, I don't care.  Creative children are fun to have.  They keep things interesting.  I am rambling again....

I know, I need to get better and get back to work.  I agree.  Back to work would be a good place for me.  I hate being sick.  I hate it, hate it, hate it.  I wish I would catch something like the uncontrollable desire to clean every nook and cranny of my home from top to bottom.  But that bug has NOT stopped at my house yet.  The only sick bug we have had has been the one like this one now that keeps us feeling yucky and down.  Before long, we will invest in some anti-bacterial wipes.  Everything will need to get wiped down.  Everything will need to be scrubbed down.  Oh the joys of having the flu.  BUT, I would prefer wiping everything down.  

It's been a rough couple of days. Tonight I should be going with Lexi for the Camp kick-off, but I won't be going.  Every year something comes up and I don't go.  So frustrating.  I love Young Women's and I love my daughter.  Why does this keep happening?  Arg???  

I need to go.  Time for some rest and to point the children in the direction of dinner for tonight. 
Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate it.

QUOTE:  Being creative is NOT a hobby, it is a way of life.

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