Monday, April 7, 2014

A typical Monday Night

Today Kevin watched News Channel 5 and they were talking about an investigation of various dogs being poisoned in our are within the last two weeks.  Guess what?  I think our dogs may have been effected by this too.  The night we lost Butkus, I remember thinking this has to be a poisoning.  This cannot be so.  But everyone thought I was completely wrong.  Now we are hearing about a problem in our area with dogs being poisoned.  It make sense that it would be foul play.  My guess is that it was either my neighbor next door OR our neighbors across the street.  BUT that is clearly a guess.  It could just be kids home during spring break too.  Now for there to be a problem in our area has me concerned.  The news report said they are doing autopsies on the dogs to conduct their investigation.  Do I call the police and report that we lost a dog to this stuff AND luckily they only got the one?  Would it help?  I don't know.  It all makes me wonder what the purpose of poisoning so many dogs is.  Are they doing it because they are bored or because they want to break into our home.  The whole thing freaks me out a little.  So, if you have a dog and live in our area, I suggest you watch your dogs.  Watch your homes and watch the people around your home early in the morning, during the day, and late at night.  Just to be sure your sweet little puppy does not end up the same way our dog did. 

When we lived out east, we were broken into twice.  We know exactly who did it and we know exactly who informed the kids that broke in.  There is nothing like that feeling of having someone rifle through all of your things, personal things too.  It leaves an awful feeling in the pit of your gut that, if left to fester, could eat you alive.  That feeling I will never forget it.  But I am so glad it finally went away.  

This happened right after Lexi had her open heart surgery.  She had returned to school and I was working part-time at Beehive Clothing.  I still remember getting the call from Danielle after she got home from school telling me what had happened.  I raced home from Mesa Drive and Main to Power and Broadway as quickly as I could without getting a ticket.  The kids that broke in got pretty much everything, except a few things.  BUT as luck would have it, they returned on the first day of school to get what they had left behind.  My wedding ring was one thing they missed.  Thankfully!!  I had taken it off because I lost a stone again.  I never took that thing off, except when stones were missing.  I also got tired of frantic people, stopping me to alert me that a stone was missing from my ring.  They kind of scared me when they would approach me like that.  After being broken into the first time and realizing my ring was still where I put it, I wore that ring even with the stones missing.  It didn't matter from that point who approached me.  All that mattered was that I still had my ring.  

I have mentioned this before...that feeling of being violated.  It stayed with me for a while.  I prayed for help in dealing with my feelings, but it wasn't until I went back to work that Saturday morning and we all gathered together for morning prayer.  (I have to tell you, there is nothing like working at a place that gathers for morning prayer before you start your days work.  It is awesome!!)  As soon as the prayer was finished that feeling started to be lifted from me.  

Then as I was working and helping new missionaries purchase their temple clothing, or help the new bride with her new temple clothing that feeling went away a little more.  But the one customer that really helped me through my circumstances was a lady that had not been able to wear her clothing for more than 7 years.  She came in and wanted to see all the fabrics.  I showed her all of them, and then she began to tell me her story.  She said her husband really tried to understand her issue with NOT wearing the clothing.  She said she could never find clothing to cover her "temple clothing" and they were too lose.  You see, she was a short fluffy lady.  (I just learned that term...fluffy.  I like it!!)  Even her Bishop tried to help her with her situation.  She said she would see her Bishop coming down the hall at church and she would turn and walk the other way to avoid his question.  He would always ask, "Are you wearing them?"  To which she would always reply, "No."  You could see the inner conflict this lady was in.  She wanted to do the right thing, but also wanted to be able to wear her everyday clothing too. (It sounds trivial as I write these words, but it wasn't for this sister)  She was struggling and this situation was preventing her from progressing and growing spiritually.

As I continued to show her all the fabrics, we came across the newest fabric for the sisters.  I explained that it felt more like a bike short and it didn't roll or slip down.  She was curious and asked if she could purchase one and try it on.  She went back to the dressing room and tried it on.  She was in the dressing room for a while before she opened the door.  When I opened the door I found this dear sister sitting in the chair fully dressed with tears in her eyes.  She was so grateful that she could finally go to her husband and her Bishop and declare that she was indeed wearing her garments!!!  I don't think there was a dry eye in that part of the building that day.  I was crying, this sweet sister was crying, and so was my co-worker after I shared the story.  This sister and I walked out of the dressing room together and she purchased enough garments to last her quite some time.  She was so overjoyed she was smiling from ear to ear.  It was so awesome!!!  From that moment on, that feeling of being "violated" by our break in, went away and never ever came back.  In my opinion, this was a direct and prompt blessing for doing the Lords work.  Sure, I was paid for my labors by the church.  But, I was also blessed for the work I did in ways I will cherish forever.  I say, if you ever have the chance to work for the church in any way, DO IT!  There is nothing like it!  It is amazing, wonderful, and exciting work!!! 

I learned a lot about the blessings we receive for wearing the clothing properly.  There are certain ways the clothing should be cared for and worn.  Fashion never will never pursued the church in any way when it come to this clothing.  I had one mother of a bride ask me if the low rise in the petite sizes was because of the low rise jeans that were so in fashion now.  I had to politely tell this mother and daughter that this was NOT the reason for this.  It was merely to fit all body sizes and shapes.  Your natural waist is where certain articles belong, not lower.  When a new bride comes in for the first time, that is the best time to instruct them on how to wear the clothing.  BUT, with all that is going on, they tend to forget and hopefully will come back later. 
Of course, a Bishop is another person that can instruct someone on the proper placement of these articles of clothing.  The clothing is an outward expression of an inner commitment to sacred covenants made with the Lord.  I love that statement!! 

Now I can't get this song out of my mind..........

Tonight I am working on wedding flowers.  I have got to get these done.  I have NEVER got this close to the wedding in all my life.  I am nervous now.  I wanted to get them done sooner, but it just didn't happen.  I do my best work under pressure and with a deadline anyway.  I don't know why that is, but it has always been that way.  Not the best way to do things, but it works.

FHE tonight has been very low key, since we spent so much time together as a family this weekend.  With Kyle's competition and General Conference.  It was a busy weekend.  So, tonight we are watching a movie and things.  Danielle went for a walk with her dog and a friend.
Lexi got a knock at the door from some friends at school.  They brought her some ice-cream just because.  I thought that was pretty nice.  She was thrilled.  

It's that time again.......time to get to bed so I can get up and do it all over again.   Some days I feel like a hamster on the wheel of life.  LOL!!!   But life is good!  We are happy and everyone is healthy and what more could we ask for.  (Okay, Kevin is still in pain, but it could be worse!)

QUOTE:  True happiness is not made in getting something, true happiness is becoming something.  
                                                 --Marvin J Ashton

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