Monday, March 10, 2014

This was a busy but FUN weekend

This weekend was a busy one!  Friday night I took one of my allergy pills and that turned out to be a mistake.  I also stayed up Friday night to watch some TV.  Saturday morning we had to get Lexi to her early tournament on the other side of Phoenix.  I struggled to get moving Saturday thanks to the sleepy medicine and the late night TV.  

Lexi's volleyball team is in the number one division for their age group.  They ended up in the fourth spot in that division after Saturdays tournament.  To be honest, they could have been in the number one spot if they would have played a little better.  I think a lot of the girls were just tired from the heat and all their other activities.  Not to mention the early tournament.  We seem to do better when we play in the evenings.  The teams that beat us do not play better then our team.  They just got lucky.  BUT, these teams will play together for the next few weeks.  Maybe we will be able to push forward and make it to the number one spot in the number one division.  We are crossing our fingers and toes.  

In the middle of the tournament I was so tired and Kevin really should not have made the trip.  I could tell before we even left that he was not feeling well at all.  So, when there was some time when the girls were not playing we went out to the car to catch a little nap.  Eventually I went back in to watch the next match, but Kevin stayed in the car and snoozed the entire 2nd half of the tournament.  That is so not like my husband.  I tease him that he will watch anything they keep a score of, it doesn't matter what it is.  If there is a competition, Kevin will watch.  He is an avid sports enthusiast.  Especially when it comes to any sport he played and any sport his children play.  Kevin will move heaven and earth to be at their games.  It also is his way of showing love and support to our children, but don't tell them that.  They just know dad and most times mom will be there no matter what.  

When the tournament was over Kevin was still sleeping in the car.  I forgot to get gas when we left that morning so we had to stop before we left the other side of Phoenix.  I was a little upset because that meant I had to pay more per gallon too.  We stopped at a QT, Lexi got a snack and I got gas.  Kevin slept through that stop and all the way home too.  In fact, when we got home he went right to bed.  He was in pain and needed to lay down.  He didn't come out of the bed until late Sunday afternoon when he received a nasty text.

Sunday night I had to run some errands.  One of the errands we ran was to take Danielle to the post office so she could get something in the mail.  When we returned from the post office there was Kevin standing the hallway with tears streaming down his face.  All because of the text he received.  Why?  Is all I have to say.  Why, would you do this to him now?  You should know better.  

Enough about that.  It makes me angry and I really don't need to give this anymore of my attention.  Church was awesome Sunday.  Like most Fast Sundays a lot of people shared their testimonies.  We have new Missionaries in our ward and the both stood and shared their testimonies too.  The one is from New Zealand and his testimony was amazing!!  He really touched on the importance of missionary work and how the members need to be involved.  He said missionary work is the most important work we can do on the earth.  The Spirit was so strong in that meeting.

Then a new Sister to our our also spoke.  She talked about how strong the church was in the ward she was in in Florida.  She talked about how the members were like extended family and they literally treated you like family.  She made a very valid point that the members really take care of each other in areas that the members are few in numbers.  I totally agree.  I remember experiencing that when I was a girl living with my parents in California and as an adult living in Texas.  The members were awesome.  I know I never would have made it to seminary had it not been for some wonderful members.  I also know I never would have been as involved in our ward in Texas had it not been for some very good members that knew how to get everyone involved and out of their comfort zones.  I found myself doing some pretty strange things.  Things I never would have dreamed of volunteering to do.  I also had 4 callings at once.  I was a primary teacher first, then I did the ward bulletin/program, I was Asst Activities Committee Chairman, AND I was the Homemaking Specialist (or whatever they call it when you are in charge of the monthly Homemaking Meeting)  I kept busy.  Along with all the Cub Scout Day Camps I was volunteered to be a leader for and the countless other activities I got involved with.  It was work but it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.  So, I agree with this new sister.  We have a lot of work to do.

Curtis had a busy day.  He had a meeting with the Bishop after church.  (More on that later)  He should have gone to mission prep, but he fell asleep and totally missed it.  I got busy making dinner and dealing with Kevin and the text that I totally lost track of the time.  If I would have remembered he would have been there.  Darn it.  Next week Curtis will be even more busy with lots of extra meetings.  It's good for him.  He has had a bit of an attitude lately.  He needs to get involved doing something like more service so his attitude will improve.  I love how that works.

Today was the first day of my new early schedule at work.  We changed with daylight savings.  Its always hardest on the first couple of days, but it will get better.  Something odd happened when I got out to my car to go home.  I got to my car and almost pasted out.  I didn't use my inhalers at all today.  I totally forgot.  So, I immediately used one of them and it helped.  Later tonight I had trouble again so I had to use my rescue inhaler that time.  I cant believe I forgot.  I usually use the one first thing in the morning and again right before bed.  Then the rescue inhaler is usually in my pocket at all times.  Not today.  I will have to be more careful.  I certainly do not want to have an issue.

When I went out with the kids to drop Lexi off at the school for practice the check engine light came on in my car.  So frustrating.  I guess we will need to take it in to the dealership again.  Thank goodness for extended warranties.  I am so glad this car has that.  It has saved us so much all ready.   As I was expressing my frustration with the car thing, Danielle proceeded to tell me how the other day someone must have got into her car and moved things around in it.  That has me a little freaked out.  Not sure what that is all about or if it is just a coincidence.  Time to start watching a little closer.  Scary.  EEK!!!  

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