Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday night FHE!!!

This has been a crazy weekend!  There was a lot of good news and unfortunately, there was some bad news too.  The good news first.

Danielle has been working at a local Elementary School for the past several months and loves it!  Today she added some hours to her schedule working with the special needs children, and she absolutely loves it!!!  Not to mention that she is making a lot more money too. She came home today announcing that she absolutely loves what she is doing.  She said she got to actually teach.  (she still has about a year before she gets her teaching certificate, and then it's more school for her master's)  All this time she has wanted to teach High School English, but I have a feeling the Principal of the school she is working at might get her way.  Danielle just might change her major to work with special needs kids.  She really has a way with kids in general, but with special needs kids she is amazing!  AND it make her come home with a smile on her face excited about work and not crying or bummed out about all the drama she use to come home telling me about.  Leaving JoAnn's Fabrics has been a blessing!!  No Sundays and no evenings and no drama!  Danielle did everything she could to stay out of the work drama, even to the point of telling co-workers she didn't want to hear it.  That didn't always work, since some of the things that would come up happened to effect Danielle and her schedule.  It was very hard for Danielle to walk away from that job.  She was at JoAnn's for 4 years.  She enjoyed helping the customers and learning new things, but when the job starts to effect your health and your well being, it's time to move on.  I am the reason Danielle quit JoAnn's.  I told her no place of employment should effect you, or better yet, the people you work with should not have to authority to effect you in such a way that you can't get out of bed for days.  That borders on the line of bullying in a whole new sense of the word, and that is where it took Danielle.  There is one girl at JoAnn's that should not be in management!!  It took everything I have to NOT call the customer hotline or their corporate offices to let them know what I saw as a customer in their store and what I was experiencing with my daughter.  Believe me, I wanted to.  It probably was a good thing for this person that most of the situations I saw and heard about took place on a weekend when their corporate offices were closed.  Just sayin....
Anyway, there was a direction I was going with all this, I promise.  So, because Danielle is working at a school she has been worried about an income this summer.  Well Friday Danielle got a call from a company wanted to set up an interview so she was happy.  We will see what that interview brings,  down the road.  
Friday we got ready for a few things.  Lexi had a volleyball tournament in Queen Creek this Saturday.  The girls played really well and they won every match except their last one.  The court they played on was the same court Lexi played on last year when she hurt her ankle.  Kevin and Curtis had to pick her up and carry her into the car.  They were so pre-occupied with taking care of Lexi that they even forgot our camp chairs that day.  This weekend while on the very court she hurt herself the year before, Lexi made some kind of play and this time hurt her knee.  Kevin again was up trying to take care of her.  Although, this time, he did not try to carry her.  (thank goodness)  She hobbled off the court to the car and home.  Luckily by Sunday she could walk on her knee, but she is still in a lot of pain and her knee is swollen.  Thankfully, we did not have to go to the hospital or anything.  Saturday night Danielle and I went on a hunt for a belt.  We went to a few stores, but stopped our hunting when she introduced me to Charming Charlies.  Oh my gosh!!!  That store is totally amazing!  There are scarves, belts, shoes, purses, jewelry, clothing, make-up and all kinds of things in that place.  The store went on forever it seemed, with everything in color order.  Loved it!!  I found a belt to go with a dress I have had since before Christmas, but haven't worn.  It needed something.  Luckily I found it Saturday.
Sunday we didn't go to church in our ward because we had plans to attend church with family.  My nephew, who just returned from Moscow, Russia, spoke in Sacrament.  He did an awesome job talking about all of his missionary experiences.  But the best part was when he bore his testimony in Russian.  I just love hearing the missionaries share a little bit of the language they spoke while serving.  Anthony looks good.  I don't think he changed a bit from the time he left.  He looks the same and if I had my bets, he will be married before too much longer.
I behaved badly this weekend.  So, we had family come down from Utah and we didn't hear anything from pretty much all of them until we actually saw them in church on Sunday.  My neice text me prior to her trip down trying to tell me when they might be here, but you know how plans can change and things, which I totally understand.  Well, after not hearing from them all weekend I thought they were just avoiding us.  They visited with everyone and I felt left out.  By Sunday morning my other sister-in-law text us to invite us over for dinner that night.  I felt like they purposely left us out of everything.  Little did I know that my brother-in-law mentioned something about meeting up for dinner when Kevin was at the Airport waiting for Anthony to arrive home from his mission.  Nothing more was ever said about it and we didn't even get so much as a text or anything. So when I got the text about dinner at their house on Sunday I was upset and I replied to my sister-in-laws text in a very mean and rude way.  So did they intentionally leave us out?  I don't know.  It would appear that way.  I admit my text was not nice and I know I was wrong and I shouldn't have reacted that way even if they intentionally left us out.  So, today I text my sister-in-law with my apology, but she hasn't responded.  I am hoping she isn't still mad at me and will eventually text me back, but she does have a busy schedule lately.  I will say this, there have been times when she has said a few things that hurt my feelings too.  We both have done it.  I just hope she can forgive me.  :)  (Crossing my fingers)
Sunday night was a bit of a downer.  When we came home from church and from dinner at my brother and sister-in-laws house we came home to a very sick puppy.  So sick that we lost our little Butkus last night.  He passed away.  We all cried and cried.  It was so sad.  We even took a ride around the block to try and calm down we were all so upset.  None of us got to sleep until really late because we had to bury our little friend.  Butkus was Kyle's dog.  He was a cool dog and we don't know if someone poisoned both dogs or if they had something bad like parvo or something.  The place Kyle bought the dog from said they got the dog his shots, but I seriously doubt it.  The dog Danielle bought from a breeder actually forwarded all the paperwork to her so she can prove the dog had his shots.  Good thing!  It is not fun to watch an animal pass away like that.  In fact, I would probably be the type to choose not to have an animal just to avoid situations like that.  It is not pretty and very frustrating.  You feel so helpless as they are in such discomfort.  Butkus Schmidt you will be missed.  But we are so glad to know you are with our Heavenly Father now.  He has a pretty awesome dog by his side and we cannot wait to see him again some day.  
Friends resting on the cool tile floor.

Being a silly dog.

Just hanging out

At the school playing

Butkus sleeping

Just friends

Butkus the first day we got him.

Butkus and pal when they were puppies together.

Tonight is FHE and our Minecraft marathon.  Keep watching for our pictures.  

Quote:  F - forwarding
            A - all
            I - issues
           T - to
           H - heaven
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