Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Madness

I thought I would try something different tfriend  Here goes...

Mitch is one of my brother-in-law, Bryan's best friends from High School.  Kevin and Bryan's dad and Bishop Freestone use to be the Johnson's Home Teachers.  They have been trying for years to get Mitch's dad to decide to be baptized.  So, this is awesome news.  He 
Has been a "dry" mormon for years.  Holding callings and everything.  Recently he and his wife were in a very bad car accident too.  We are so happy to hear that Brother Johnson has decided to get baptized.  This is awesome!!!

The enchiladas turned out pretty good.  Kevin loved them.  The kids said they needed to be a little more spicey.  They like things hot.
I hope you are home tonight, Mom. (Yes, I know these two are out of order.)
The kids never told us what the Fireside was for.  Believe me, we asked.

Curtis just needs to have his tonsils removed and be done with it.  Soon we hope!

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