Friday, March 14, 2014

Fun Fact Friday

Today is my youngest sister's birthday!  Happy Birthday Shelley!  I hope you have had a wonderful day!!!  Shelley is an awesome sister.  She is very sweet and cares deeply for other people.  I love her and wish her the best.  

My oldest is out of town for a couple of days.  She is off to Heber, AZ until Sunday night.

She went up with a few friends.  They are staying in a cabin up there.  I bet the weather is perfectly lovely there right now.  I am a little jealous.  It's getting hot here in the valley of the sun. The photos are just a few I found.  Isn't it beautiful?!!  Love it!!!

My two younger children are out of school next week for Spring Break.  Danielle will be home from work too, but she has school a couple of days that week. (it gets confusing when I talk about school for Danielle.  She works at a school and she will be off since the kids have Spring Break, but she is still attending school herself and the colleges had Spring Break this week.) This should be interesting.  I'm kind of glad they are home.  This will be a good time to start getting them involved around the house.  Time to de-junk and un-clutter a few spots in their rooms and a couple of other areas I want their help with.  We can finally go through all their clothes and get rid of everything that doesn't fit and they cannot wear anymore.  It will be good for Kevin and I to do this too.  

We won't make them organize and things all week.  Just a little bit of the time.  I promise.  I have a few things to do this weekend.  A friend from work has asked me to view a video of something called Heaven is for REAL.  It's about a boy.  (that's about all I really know) and there is a book.  So, I need to check it out.  She has been asking me each day since Wednesday if I saw it yet.  I just keep forgetting.  I even put it on my "To Do" list each day but by the time I get home I get distracted with other things and totally forget to check my list again.  

This is the book.   And this is the trailer.  

This is awesome!!!  This is exactly what Mormon's believe.  We believe that when we die we will be with our families.  What a concept, right??  And did you see the part where the entire town was going completely bonkers over what this little boy could tell everyone about heaven?  If only the world would listen.  If only the world would realize that this is exactly what we know to be true and that we can help everyone make and keep sacred covenants.  If only the world knew that by making these covenants for yourself and then assisting your loved ones to make the same kind of covenants you can be with your entire family forever!!! FOREVER!!!  Not just after this life, when you die, but For-EvER!!!  I am excited about this movie.  I think it will be a family favorite this Easter Season and I cannot wait to see it.  I also cannot wait to go back to work on Monday to tell my friend (of another faith) that this is exactly what I believe!!  Gosh, how I wish I would have watched this earlier this week.  How I wish I would have remembered so I could have told her all of this on Thursday instead of Monday.  Will she lose that excitement over the weekend?  Will she be as interested to hear what I will have to say after so many days have past?  I can only hope and pray that she will.  I think now it might be a good thing for me to be able to collect my thoughts and get to church on Sunday.  Not to mention say a few prayers myself asking that the Holy Ghost will be with me Monday morning.  What an exciting thing!  It is so much fun to share a little bit about what we believe.  (I need some article of faith cards to put in my purse again.)  This friend is from the country Jordan.  She has lived here for many years and went against the laws of her country to become a Christian.  She is a faithful woman.  She felt the Spirit when she watched this trailer.  I know she will feel the Spirit when we talk on Monday.  I just know it.  So, those of you that are reading this post, please say a prayer or two for me as I go back to work on Monday and talk with my friend.  I really would appreciate your help with this.

Another thing I found was a book I want to read.  I was reading a blog friends post yesterday and she has a book club she belongs to.  They read this book.

By Gretchen Ruben.  Here is what the Internet said about the book....
"What if you could change your life--without changing your life? Gretchen had a good marriage, two healthy daughters, and work she loved--but one day, stuck on a city bus, she realized that time was flashing by, and she wasn’t thinking enough about the things that really mattered. “I should have a happiness project,” she decided. She spent the next year test-driving the wisdom of the ages, current scientific studies, and lessons from popular culture about how to be happier.
Each month, she pursued a different set of resolutions: go to sleep earlier, quit nagging, forget about results, or take time to be silly. Bit by bit, she began to appreciate and amplify the happiness that already existed in her life. Written with humour and insight, Gretchen’s story will inspire you to start your own happiness project.
Now in a beautiful, expanded edition, Gretchen offers a wealth of new material including happiness paradoxes and practical tips on many daily matters: being a more light-hearted parent, sticking to a fitness routine, getting your sweetheart to do chores without nagging, coping when you forget someone’s name and more."
My blog friend says it is really good and can help you change your life and assist you in pursuing more happiness.  What a concept, right???  I know I can be a "Debbie-Downer" at times.  Life can be very challenging and can drag me down quicker than anything.  I know I will be reading this book and hopefully it will give me some insight on how to change a little.  Even a little will make a difference.  It will be good.  I hope you will check this book out too.  
I have my work cut out for me this weekend.  Get the kids in gear.  Pay some bills. Get this book.  Get Curtis to settle in to write his talk for Sunday.  Yes, he is speaking.  Laundry, laundry and more laundry.  No Volleyball Tournament this weekend.  I am shocked!!!  But a little happy. Have a wonderful weekend.  Thanks for all you do for me.  I really appreciate all the kind words and prayers said in behalf of my family and myself.  It means so much.  Words cannot express my gratitude for all you do for me.  Thanks again.
QUOTE: "Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself."  
                                              -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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