Friday, March 21, 2014

An FHE idea,De-cluttering helps, A Missionary Welcome Home, and Easter decorations.

For the past couple of weeks Curtis has been bugging me to play Minecraft with him.  It's a video game he plays all the time.  You can play the creative side of the game or survival side of it.  Curtis has been playing the creative side which allows you to build all these cool buildings.  People have constructed castles and huge mansions with this game.  It's a lot like playing with Lego's only on the video game. 

I have finally agreed to play the game with my son with one condition.  We are going to play the game as a family for FHE.  Since there are six of us, we are splitting up into three teams.  Each team will have 45 minutes to build their structure.  I haven't decided if each team will have to build a temple or something from the Book of Mormon.  I will have that decided by Monday night.  After each team has had their chance to build their structure we will post them on Facebook so all of our friends can vote on which structure is the best.  

I think this is a pretty cool way to spend our FHE, don't you?  This way everyone will be involved and we will have a somewhat gospel centered night.  Emphasis on somewhat.  For those of you that do not know what Minecraft is here is a little photo of some of the things people have built with the game.  

Pretty cool, huh??!!!  I can't wait for game night!  Keep watching, because I will post photos here too.  Fun, fun!!!

Today is my sister, Susan's birthday!  She is a very talented woman.  She was always good in school.  She can make just about anything.  She is really good a crocheting.  She can make anything.  She plays the piano and she makes the best cake balls I have ever had!  They are so good!!!  Happy birthday, little sister!  Hope you have a wonderful day.

I was checking out a friends blog yesterday and I found something I will have to try at my house.  Its a way to de-clutter your home.  40 bags in 40 days.  Here is what I found.  
Here is the link to the blog....

I know the ad talks about starting on March 5th.  I know we are late to this party.  BUT, have no fear....we can start today.  Check out the blog.  
The blog gives you all kinds of tips on where to start, how to start, AND a way to track your progress.  The site gives you to option to download a form with pre-populated dates starting from March 5th.  OR you can download a blank form and add your own dates.  LOVE IT!!!  There is even a Facebook group to get extra motivation.  Who could go wrong with all that help?!!!  AND did I mention they give you all kinds of TIPS, TIPS, and more TIPS!!!

No, this is not something someone tried once and never did this again.  These ladies have been doing this for years and now live a clutter free lifestyle.  Who doesn't need that?  I know I am looking around my house, thinking PLEASE, I need all the help I can get!!!  
So, go check it out.  I know I have.  I have downloaded the tracking sheets so I can log all the areas I clean up.  If you decide to do this, let me know.  I know I could use a friendly nudge in the right direction once in a while, and I certainly would be willing to help you out too.  I am so going to start this tonight!!!!  (My kids have been home all week, so they have taken a huge dent out of my work....Thank you!!)

Kyle's dog is still sick.  Luckily Danielle's dog got better after we started him on some antibiotics.  Now Kyle's dog is on the same thing and hopefully will recover soon.  Poor little puppy.  Here is a photo of our dear little doggy.  He isn't sick in this photo.  He is quite healthy.  All he does is lay on pillows on the couch and look at you with that look as if to say, "What is happening to me?  I hate feeling this way"  With his big puppy dog eyes.  It's so sad.

If you look closely you can see some of my clutter.  Not really.  I just happen to have all the pictures and flowers I had hanging on my doors sitting off to the side because someone borrowed these doors for a wedding. 

Tomorrow we have to be up and out early in the morning. Lexi has another Volleyball tournament.  Thank goodness this one is in Queen Creek/Gilbert area.  Not very far from our house.  We also have family down from Utah to hear my nephew speak in Sacrament Sunday.  For those of you that might not know, he just got home from his LDS Mission in Russia.  We are very glad he came home when he did.  Things have been a little unsettling in that part of the world lately.  We love that Anthony is home safe and sound, and I know his parents and all four of his sisters would agree.  Can't wait to hear him speak Sunday. It's always fun to see how much a missionary has grown after spending two years serving the Lord.  LOVE THAT!!!  Missionary work is always exciting.  
Hope you all have a perfectly lovely weekend. I plan to take a few photos of the tournament and of all the family here, and of course of Anthony.  Hopefully I will find some time to share them all before Monday.  OH!!!  I also need to get out the Easter decorations!!!!  I need to do this TONIGHT!!!  So much to do!!!   Thanks for stopping by.  I always enjoy seeing all the friends that have visited and I always LOVE comments.  

Quote:  Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.    
                                       -Walt Disney
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