Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Sunday Quicky

This has been a strange weekend.  Not much has worked out the way I wanted it to except for getting to church yesterday.  My Mom called on Friday night when I was waiting in at the window for the pharmacist to explain why there was another delay.  I never called her back that night or any other time this weekend.  I need to call her.  I wanted to get a lot more done around the house too.  I guess we will be busy this week trying to catch up.  First with a call to my Mom.

Our younger children are all at a Fireside tonight.  Kyle is at a Priesthood meeting and Danielle is off to bed.  It's so weird around the house without the kids.  But the quiet is nice for a change.  BUT I certainly would not like this all the time.  That is for sure.

Tomorrow starts the vacation blackout at work for tax season.  I have an appointment for a breathing test tomorrow that will need to be cancelled.  I totally forgot to call Friday with all that was going on.  Hopefully I will be able to reschedule it without too much hassle.  Too many doctor's appointments lately.  I am crossing my fingers that that will change soon.

We are planning on doing some things to get Curtis one step closer to his mission this next week.  Once this one step is complete, we will start getting his passport too.  Then let the dental work begins.  Can you say wisdom teeth?  I think he has two that will need to come out before the mission.  It seems like whenever you are working to get a young man prepared for a mission time flies by so quickly.  It is exciting to get them ready to serve a full time mission.  Love it!!!
I need to take time the cherish every moment.

It's Sunday night and I am super tired.  Tomorrow I promise to share more.

Quote:  You know you are a grown up when a nap is no longer a punishment, but a reward.  

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