Monday, February 24, 2014

What a weekend.

This past weekend has been busy, exciting, and quite interesting.  Friday Danielle decided to make some big changes in her life.  She has been needing to do this for quite sometime now.  This change will give her the time to take an institute class in the evening, get to church on Sundays even if it means she might go to a singles ward, and it will take a lot of stress out of her life.  Frankly, her decision was not an easy one for her, but in the long run she will be better off.  Ultimately, I would love to have Kyle and Danielle at church with the rest of the family, but I totally get it.  They are in that "tweener" age where they don't feel like they belong in a family ward.  It can be tough for those that are in college, have served a full-time mission, and are not getting married or engaged.  Thank goodness for singles wards! 

Kyle had lifting practice on Friday too.  He goes about 3 or 4 times a week.  Friday he improved and lifted 319 pounds.  Go Kyle!!! 

Curtis has been going on splits with the missionaries for the past few days.  They have been visiting with a lady and her children Friday they got to give their first discussion with her.  Curtis was pretty excited.  That is super exciting!   Missionary work is always exciting.  Love it!!! 

Saturday was a busy day.  Lexi had another tournament that morning.  Luckily it was about 15 minutes away from our home.  Lexi's team did quite well.  They took second for their division.  They should have taken first but it didn't work out for them.  This next weekend there is a clinic for the girls so they can get nationally ranked.  We might have Lexi go just so she can see where she would place.  It will be a good starting point for her.  Cross your fingers that she gets ranked high.
Both Curtis and Lexi are doing pretty well at playing the piano all on their own.  They blow me away!!!

Several years ago we lived in El Paso, Texas for about 18 months.  Kevin was working for Home Depot at the time and was promised a promotion if we would make the move to the newly opened market there in El Paso.  We moved and Kevin did get promoted to Assistant Store Manager.  Kevin worked for Home Depot for 9 years and experienced a lot of things while working in Texas.  There were two stores in that city and Kevin had the opportunity to work at both.  As part of the responsibilities as an Assistant Manager of Home Depot you had to drive the outside of the entire store.  In the back of the store they use to store wood pallets until the company would come pick them up.  Home Depot was charged $45.00 per pallet at the time.  On several occasions while driving the store, they would catch someone out behind the store stealing these pallets.  Just after we moved back to Arizona an Assistant Store Manager was shot by someone stealing pallets.  This manager just happened to be working the shift Kevin would have worked had we stayed in El Paso.  Other than the time after each one of our children were born, this was the only time I got to be home with our children.  Looking back it was nice even though I stressed out about bills. 

Did you know the Mormon Church is really strong in Texas.  The people in the wards are extremely nice and they take care of one another.  Let me explain.  My parents have told me stories about the members in the part of Texas where I was born.  The members in El Paso are the same. 

When we moved in I got to know the people in the ward quickly.  One of the ladies was amazing!  She would call me up all the time and take me and my kids all over the place.  She was very good at getting people involved and out of their comfort zone.  One week I found myself at a cub scout day camp leading several little boys through their activities for the week.  She hooked me up with other women in the ward that were crafty.  She even had me leading the music in Primary.  Not to mention the baby shower she threw for me when I was pregnant with Curtis. 
She was amazing!!!  So, when I left I made her a set of puppets I used for sharing time music. 

Until this weekend, I had not heard from this friend.  A few weeks ago I found her on Facebook and sent her a friend request.  Friday she replied and told me all about how many different Primaries had used my puppets in throughout Texas and Idaho.  Keep in mind, our kids were super little when we met.  Danielle was in kindergarten and so was her oldest son.  Anyway, it was awesome to hear from this friend again.  I have been looking for her for so long.

This week will be a busy one.  Lexi and Curtis have 1/2 days of school Monday and Tuesday.  Then I have doctor appointments at the end of the week.  With all the other normal stuff in between.  More work and school for my older kids.

Tonight I am worn out.  I need to get to bed early so I can do it all over again.  Hope you all have a wonderful evening.  Talk to you soon. 

Quote:  Family, forever and always.. no matter what!!

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