Thursday, February 13, 2014

What a day!!

I can't believe it!  I am back at work (the "cube farm".  Love that analogy and the commercial)  Amazing! 
This is what I see when I stand  up and look out from one side of my desk.  This is just one area in one great big room of the building that I work in.  There are approximately 2500 people in my office. So lots of departments and things happening.  I love what I do and I am glad to be back talking to our clients.  It was also good to catch up with my team a llittle today too.  Lots going on, but that's all I will say.  Their lives and happening are theirs and I do not think it's my place to share, especially on the internet.  But I will say this...they are dealing with their own trials and struggles just like our family and I wish them the very best and a few prayers too.  Aafter all, that is the least I can do and who couldn't benefit from a prayer or two in their behalf?

I will admit, I am a little tired today.  As soon as I got home I barely had time to change my shoes before I had to run Lexi to volleyball practice.  I tried to coordinate dinner, but it looks like it will be fast food again.  (I'm beginning to think my family does not think I know how to cook.  But I do, and quite well if I do say so myself.  With the exception of certain pie crusts.  I just don't make pie often enough.)  Everyone is running in different directions.  Danielle is off to hang out with her visiting teacher.  They have been together just about every day for several weeks now.  It's pretty cool.  Kyle is off to school until about ten, and Curtis is off to go on splits with the missionaries.

When I asked Curtis how he got selected for splits my entire family let me know that Curtis is the next priest in our ward to leave on their mission.  WHAT!!!!! Can you hear the screeching breaks in my head now????  All of a sudden it hit me.  Oh my, oh my!!!!  So much to do.  Curtis is 18 now and graduates in May and turns 19 in September.  Somewhere between May and September he could be going anywhere in the world.  Holy cow!  Where did my inhaler go?  Breathe Sondra,.. ... .     BREATHE!!!!

We just said goodbye to our neighbor Wednesday.  Well, we didn't really.  I think Curtis just couldn't deal with his buddy leaving.  I kept asking if he was going to go say goodbye, but he wouldn't go.  Not sure what that was all about?? We've been sick and we thought it best to not get others sick, especially our missionary neighbor.  He left for the MTC in Mexico.  He will be serving a spanish speaking mission in southern California. Elder Whetten you will be missed, but you are EXACTLY where you need to be and what an awesome missionary you will be.
This is Elder Whetten
This family has two sons serving full time missions right now AND their daughter just announced her engagement.  Talk about crazy busy!!!

This is a photo of both of my sons.

Kyle on the left and Curtis on the right.  Both spending time together and being silly together.  BUT at the temple.  Who can complain about that?

Off we go again....
To Walgreens for prescriptions and caramels (after our taste test Kevin needs more), then to pick up Lexi, and off to get food for them.

When I get home it's to the internet to order our tickets.  Lexi has a three day tournament this weekend at Cardinal Stadium.  Do you think we should let Lexi play on Sunday?  5 of her LDS teamates have backed out of Sunday games and now the team is down to the bear bones needed to play.  So, they really need Lexi to play.  We have early church too, so she shouldn't miss.  I have mixed thoughts about it.  Can you tell? Should I have mixed thoughts about it?  I don't know.  If we let her go are we then the scum bag parcents will so called low standards or do we keep her home and become the scum bag parents who won't let her play?  What to do?

 We have been watching bits and pieces of the Olympics since they started.  I just don't seem that interested for some reason.  Not sure why.  I have fond childhood memories watching the Olympics as a little girl with my parents.  It was something we did together for all winter and summer games.  So, what's my problem now?  

I need to get to bed after laundry is done washing.  Hurry up washing machine.

Tomorrow Curtis will be participating in a sports assembly at school.  He will be in a skirt doing a cheer leading routine with other young men.  I so wish I could go and see him in action.  Hopefully his friends will get us some good pictures.  I will most definately post them if they do. 
Fun times!!!

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