Sunday, February 9, 2014

We had a busy day yesterday.  Lexi and I ran to the store looking for a blouse for me, long black socks for her and snacks.  We ended up at two stores.  Then we came home and finished getting ready for our trip.  We packed up the car and headed to the gas station to fill up the car.  We were on the road by 11:20 headed to Tucson.
Kevin kept us entertained with stories and trivia questions about the Mormon Battalion Trail and Picacho Peak.  We got questions like what trail runs through here?  Or What battle took place at Picacho Peak.  We also always love to hear Kevin's many stories about literally saving one of his scout lives by hanging on to the boy by his underwear to keep him from being pushed off the side of the mountain by some psycho female hiker that was way out of line.  Kevin said his scout's eyes were as big as baseball's as he watched his life pass before his eyes that day.  Kevin was so mad at that female hiker that flat out pushed his scout within inches of his young life.  That day Kevin was so grateful the scout had underwear on too.  (Yes I said underwear) It's always amazing to me that it's always the little things that make such a huge difference. 
When we got to Tucson we stopped by the Champion Sports Center to check out the layout of the building and to find out if we would need our chairs.  That place was nice but if you are watching a game it's sucks!  The layout and position of the stands makes it really hard to see everything.  Here is the layout.

(Sorry for the drawings)
Here is the best photo I have of our view.
Can you see the bleachers?
It was not fun at all.
This next photo is of the girls waiting to referee the first match.
Here is a photo of the team getting ready for their first match.
They won the match in three games.

They won the second match in two games.  Here are a few photos of Lexi serving and playing.  


Sorry about the duplicates.  Our girls won their last match in two games.  During the last game there were some pretty upset parents on the other team.  They were initially upset because they felt that their girls should never be beat and they vocalized it too.  Then it got worse.  One of our girls hit the ball and it landed right on the line, which meant the ball would be counted as in.  When the line judge (a 15 year old girl from the first team we played earlier that day) made the call saying the ball was in, these parents went off on her.  Then parents from our team turned to the other teams parents and told them to their face that they were poor sports.  Next thing we knew the young referee turned around and told the parents the ball was in, quite sure of herself, I might add.  Officials for the ternament came over to calm down the parents too.  After the match the parents on both teams got into it again.  Officials came over again to straighten things out.

I have to give it to the 15 year old referee who stood her ground and what she believed to be right even though those parents were so mean to her.  That was the best part of the night for me.  Integrity at it's finest.  I just hope that young girl went home proud of herself for sticking to her decision.  If the ball would have been out we would have been equally as proud of the referee for sticking to her decision too.  My only regret was NOT going over to her to tell her how proud we all were of her.  What a great example for everyone there that day.  She is a hero in my book.

All in all, yesterday was a great day.  We spent Sunday recovering.  I think I slept til 11am.  ARG!!!

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