Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tournament Time!!

They came in second place for today's tournament.  It was a good day.  They beat Westwood's Club team but Payson kicked our butts.  It was nice to hear the parents or grandparents of the Payson team say that their team met their match when they played our team.  That made us feel good even though we lost to them in 3 games, of course.

I am ready for a little down time.  Tonight some friends of ours have a daughter that got married today and her reception is tonight in our old ward building.  If Kevin is up to it we will plan to go.  It will be fun to see all of our old friends. 

After the tournament we got pizza from Venezia's.  We love their pizza sauce.  It's not sweet like others we have tried.   But after I saw this, I am bummed because we could have tried this fun little recipe.  Take a look.  So easy, right?

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